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Improvise (2010) HD online

Improvise (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama / Mystery / War
Original Title: Improvise
Director: Mohnish Bisht
Writers: Allen R. Rosenberg
Released: 2010
Duration: 8min
Video type: Movie
Four obnoxious skateboarders disturb old Mr. Baldridge's peace and quiet. After a war of words three skateboarders leave. Stuart Hughes hangs back to apologize. Mr. Baldridge admires Stuart for that and promises to tell him a war story if Stuart will just keep him company for five minutes. Rifles are issued but run out when it is the young private's turn. The Sergeant hands the private a broom and tells him to point it at the enemy and say, "bangity, bangity." When the private complains the Sergeant explains that the Army teaches soldiers to improvise. When the private asks about a bayonet, the Sergeant hands him a raw carrot and tells him to lunge with it and say, "stabity, stabity." When the smoke of battle clears, the private appears to be the lone survivor. He looks at the broom and exclaims, "It actually works!" Just then, out of the mist, an enemy soldier lumbers toward him. No amount of "bangity, bangity" or "stabity, stabity" will stop the enemy soldier who pulverizes the ...
Credited cast:
Elliot Burgi Elliot Burgi - Stuart Hughes
John Conlon John Conlon - Enemy Soldier
Jason Galindo Jason Galindo - Skateboarder #2
Jordan Johnson Jordan Johnson - Skateboarder #1
Sara Len Sara Len - Skateboarder #3
Sunny Moza Sunny Moza - The Young Private
Ray Raffa Ray Raffa - Mr.Milton Baldridge
Phillip Tracy Jr. Phillip Tracy Jr. - The Sergeant