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Welcome to Reality (2008) HD online

Welcome to Reality (2008) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Fantasy
Original Title: Welcome to Reality
Director: Jason Janes
Writers: Philip Gavigan,Jason Janes
Released: 2008
Budget: $2,000
Duration: 1h 23min
Video type: Movie
So what do six gamers do when the game just gets too easy? They get real, of course. A chance encounter with a professor and the lads have a historically accurate adventure for their characters. Soon they're up to their poisoned daggers in battles, travels, molten hot medieval chicks, and naughty bishops. But will the guys have the opportunity to discover that with history, it's what you don't know that will kill you?


Credited cast:
Reed Apostol Reed Apostol - Marozia
Dennis Flack Dennis Flack - Jesus Christ
Philip Gavigan Philip Gavigan - Professor
Byron Hotson Byron Hotson - Theo
Howard Howard - Clancy
Randy Ingram Randy Ingram - Anachronistic Cell Phone Guy
Jason Janes Jason Janes - Casini Monk
Jordan Janes Jordan Janes - Doomed Jedi
DuWayne Jones DuWayne Jones - Saracen
James Kovar James Kovar - Hawthorne
Tineke Kovar Tineke Kovar - Bard Groupie
Mike Lamps Mike Lamps - Naughty Bishop
Ben Myers Ben Myers - Jakob
Tucker Jinx Nelson Tucker Jinx Nelson - Mic
Travis Parham Travis Parham - Saracen's Cousin

A considerable deal of subterfuge was used in making Welcome To Reality. They sneaked into one of the locations to film, repainted the walls, filmed their scenes, then quickly painted the walls their original color before anyone was the wiser. Another location which required script approval before granting permission to use the grounds was given an altered screenplay so they would grant access to the crew.

Nearly all the equipment used in the production was borrowed. The director lost access to the equipment with two days left in the filming schedule, and had to find a replacement lender right away to finish the production. As it were, both assistant Directors of Photography who were supplying the equipment proved to be unpopular on set, but had to be dealt with, as the film would never have been made otherwise. The director saw fit to outfit himself with all his own equipment from then on to never be in that position again.

The keep fight was originally intended to be much more elaborate conflict, but for the sake of reality, and lack of rehearsal, the keep fight ended up being much more simplistic and totally improvised; with scenes being filmed as the director thought them up.

The actress playing Marozia was recast on the day her scenes were filmed, due to an emergency cast dropout. The director asserts the replacement actress' performance was the best he could have hoped for.

The director originally was going to cast his circle of immediate friends in the roles of the film, but managed to land a chance to hold formal auditions, which resulted in finding what the producers deemed "the perfect cast."

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    I came across this piece with the knowledge that this was the company's first attempt at a film.

    So my expectations were low.

    To say the least, I was very pleasantly surprised! ESPECIALLY for a first time film, this company did a LOT of things right.

    The CGI is superb for its caliber, some of the acting was top-notch, and even the stunt choreography was impressive! It does get dialogue-heavy, but that follows the focus of the film. Perhaps a little less talking would be preferable in the future.

    This company is off to an EXCELLENT start!