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Concerto (2016) HD online

Concerto (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Biography / Drama / Music
Original Title: Concerto
Director: Cristina Cassidy
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h 14min
Video type: Movie
Two brothers who are gifted musicians struggle to overcome a childhood at the hands of a disturbed but brilliant composer father. Christopher Rex has been the Principal Cellist of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra since 1979. Charles Rex has been a first violinist with the New York Philharmonic since 1981. The brothers transcend a traumatic childhood of abuse by their father to reach the heights of notoriety as adults in the world of classical music. Through interviews with the brothers, and famous personalities such as Zubin Mehta, Yo-Yo Ma and Robert Spano, as well as their mother, sister, wives and friends, we are invited into the lives of these two extraordinary men. Home movies, blended with personal photos give us an inside view into what made them who they are today. Orchestral performances by the brothers with several orchestras, including a premiere performance by the South Dakota Orchestra of an orchestral piece composed by the brothers' father, Charles Gordon Rex, are featured...
Credited cast:
Charles Rex Jr. Charles Rex Jr. - Himself
Christopher Rex Christopher Rex - Himself

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    This is a wonderful and inspiring story of 2 brilliant musicians. Charles and Chris Rex grew up in Central Florida with a difficult father. They overcame so much to become musical masters. The family interviews, including their mother, sister and wives, made the movie so real. Cristina Cassidy captured human nature and life accomplishments so brilliantly.
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    Concerto is a beautiful film that documents the life of Charles Rex, violinist, and Christopher Rex, cellist. These accomplished musicians overcame a difficult childhood because of their domineering and overpowering father. The fact that they succeeded under such adverse circumstances is brilliantly portrayed in the documentary - Concerto - filmed by Cristina Cassidy. Kudos to her and to them!
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    Vital Beast

    Cristina Cassidy has created a loving look at how two brothers overcame the adversity that was their childhood to become the gifted musicians they are today. It is a poignant look at how they had their dreams and managed to live them despite an atmosphere that might make many people give up or turn to other means to escape. It is heart warming to see the bond between the brothers, despite the fact that they were separated for a time and took very different paths. It's a must see.
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    This is a beautifully done film showcasing both the virtuoso talent of these two fine musicians as well as their resilience in overcoming roadblocks to their success. Thank you so much to the filmmaker and the subjects for such an honest portrayal of suffering and triumph. I've watched this several times and find something new every time.
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    Cristina Cassidy had a dream that took more than five years to bring to the screen. It's based on two brothers - friends from her childhood. The difficulties they endured through their controlling father are viewed and examined, In spite of the years of living under intense stress they went on to become internationally renown classical musicians.

    Concerto is a lovingly crafted documentary that explores the human spirit and how it reacts to negative family forces and unbearable burdens placed on children. The story transcends the music. Concerto deserves a wide showing. It's based on reality and will move and inspire those who really let the messages soak in. A documentary triumph!