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A Bowery Five Cent Shave (1902) HD online

A Bowery Five Cent Shave (1902) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Short
Original Title: A Bowery Five Cent Shave
Released: 1902
Video type: Movie
Shows a typical Bowery barbershop and the proprietor waiting for the next "victim." Two customers enter and take seats and the barber proceeds to cover them with the same apron. The operator next administers gas to each customer. He then applies a very liberal quantity of lather, with a whitewash brush, and proceeds to shave with an immense razor, which he frequently strokes on the soles of the victim's shoes. With a few vigorous strokes he removes the customer's beard and incidentally some of his hair, and after a few liberal squirts of water from an immense syringe, removes the apron and touches a spring which causes the chairs to be precipitously vacated, exhibiting the usual sign, "Next."