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Lost Holiday (2019) HD online

Lost Holiday (2019) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Mystery
Original Title: Lost Holiday
Director: Michael Kerry Matthews,Thomas Matthews
Writers: Michael Kerry Matthews,Thomas Matthews
Released: 2019
Video type: Movie
A New York social worker finds herself embroiled in the kidnapping of a Washington DC socialite.
Cast overview:
Kate Lyn Sheil Kate Lyn Sheil - Margaret
Thomas Matthews Thomas Matthews - Henry
Keith Poulson Keith Poulson - Sam
William Jackson Harper William Jackson Harper - Mark
Ismenia Mendes Ismenia Mendes - Amber Jones
Joshua Leonard Joshua Leonard - Daryl
Isiah Whitlock Jr. Isiah Whitlock Jr. - Matthews
Emily Mortimer Emily Mortimer - Radio Commentary
Allie Gallerani Allie Gallerani - Katie
Jay Bulger Jay Bulger - Daryl's Associate
Anne Fidler Anne Fidler - Bartender
Janna Emig Janna Emig - Grad Student
Tone Tank Tone Tank - Russian
David Corn David Corn - Mr. Jones
Sarah Laine Smith Sarah Laine Smith - Local Bartender

Emily Mortimer and Thomas Matthews second project working together. The first was the Televison Series Newsroom (2012-2014) and the second is the Motion Picture Lost Holiday (2018)

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    Someone working at a film festival recently recommended this to me, explaining it was her favorite in the festival. I enjoyed it. It's a fresh take on the sleuth genre with a strong female lead who tries to solve a missing person mystery to distract herself from her own problems. It's about close friendships, learning to grow up and embrace adulthood, and moving on from old flames. The two leads are convincing as old friends with their inside jokes and easy millennial-esque banter. Kate Lyn Sheil is superb playing the many dimensions of her bold, adventure-seeking character, while Thomas Matthews wins the laughs as her counter point and side kick with his reaction shots and silly antics. The story-telling is nicely done with good pacing and montages that allow the movie to be pretty short. The score is unusual with some renaissance-era music at times, but it all seems to work, especially a beautiful piece on the cello written by James Iha. Definitely worth a watch, especially for those short on time (it's a zippy 70-odd minutes).
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    Snake Rocking

    It's not often you get to see an R rated Christmas movie. At the crossroads of youth and adulthood, expectation and reality, this intensely messed up and delightful crew of characters repeatedly struggle to find the door, much less a window they can unlock to return to a life where they no longer belong. A tight little film with unexpected twists and turns, humor and pathos that really takes off on its own trajectory. The tone is original, the performances layered.
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    LOST HOLIDAY is a French New Wave-style screwball detective story...imagine BAND OF OUTSIDERS meets THE THIN MAN...or maybe more on the nose: MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY for Millennials. (Sorry, that's probably too trite, I know.)

    Kate Lyn Sheil gives yet another masterful performance as a completely original female character we've never seen on screen before (Nicole Holofcener should write something for KLS immediately). And she's match perfectly with the churlish Thomas a truly platonic, trope-defying relationship that lives in the chemistry of actual BFFs...again, something that wouldn't even occur to a lesser filmmaker.

    The rest of the cast is a who's who of "that guys"...faces you might not expect to see in a low budget affair like LOST HOLIDAY (or in a movie at all: David Corn?!). Each bringing a fresh energy to the proceedings: William Jackson Harper as the love lost, Allie Gallerani as his impossibly perfect fiance, Ismenia Mendes as the entitled victim of circumstance...I really can't say enough for the performances co-directors Thomas and Michael Matthews get out of these folks.

    Look, LOST HOLIDAY may not be your thing. There is certainly an anarchist spirit to the film-at least in the way the brothers Matthews insist on both honoring and subverting the genre...sometimes within the same scene-that can make an audience member feel like maybe they aren't in on the joke. But doggedly holding on to this fresh and unusual vision, this isn't a film you won't want to miss.
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    A narrative feature with thriller and comedic elements, as well as a very layered, subjective soundscape