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Dexter An Inconvenient Lie (2006–2013) HD online

Dexter An Inconvenient Lie (2006–2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: An Inconvenient Lie
Director: Tony Goldwyn
Writers: James Manos Jr.,Jeff Lindsay
Released: 2006–2013
Duration: 52min
Video type: TV Episode
Having lied to Rita to cover up what he really did to her late husband, Dexter now finds himself attending Narcotics Anonymous classes. He finds the exercise quite difficult and is afraid everyone will see through him. Rita however makes it quite clear that their relationship is entirely dependent on his continued participation in NA. She doesn't react too well though when she sees Dexter's sponsor, the very attractive Lila. Sgt. Doakes follows Dexter to an NA meeting, but surprises him with his reaction. Meanwhile, Debra is assigned to the joint task force with the FBI but is having difficulty dealing with the people and the desperation to find their loved ones. She does however uncover a pattern to the murders. Dexter identifies a serial killer and decides he has to take action, despite the scrutiny of the police and the FBI.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Michael C. Hall Michael C. Hall - Dexter Morgan
Julie Benz Julie Benz - Rita Bennett
Jennifer Carpenter Jennifer Carpenter - Debra Morgan
Erik King Erik King - Sgt. James Doakes
C.S. Lee C.S. Lee - Vince Masuka
Luna Lauren Velez Luna Lauren Velez - Det. Maria LaGuerta (as Lauren Velez)
David Zayas David Zayas - Det. Angel Batista
James Remar James Remar - Harry Morgan (credit only)
Geoff Pierson Geoff Pierson - Capt. Tom Matthews
Judith Scott Judith Scott - Lt. Esme Pascal
Don McManus Don McManus - Roger Hicks
Jaime Murray Jaime Murray - Lila Tournay
Keith Carradine Keith Carradine - Special Agent Frank Lundy
Christina Robinson Christina Robinson - Astor Bennett
Preston Bailey Preston Bailey - Cody Bennett

First appearance of Jaime Murray as Lila Tournay.

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    "An Inconvenient Lie" is another first class episode of this excellent drama series. Rich with black-as-night humour, this installment introduces new elements while satisfactorily tying up others.

    The beautiful Jaime ("Hustle") Murray makes her first appearance as the sexy and mysterious Lila, a lady who has trouble written all over her.

    Michael C. Hall is always on top form and it's great to see his character returning to his old ways. It's a difficult task making a serial killer a sympathetic character but "Dexter" always has you rooting for him. There's a genuine sense of tension with this episode as the net starts to tighten on Dexter as his victims are all reclaimed from their deep resting place in the sea.

    9 out of 10. One of the best drama series on the television today.
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    Dexter is pressed by Rita to join a Twelve-Step Program in the AA otherwise she will end their relationship and Dexter finds that he is unable to lie with conviction. Meanwhile he investigates the efficient car dealer Roger Hicks that Dexter suspects that has raped and killed two single women and he is impressed with the skill to lie of the salesman. Agent Lundy assigns Debra to join his task force and after an initial rejection by her, Debra gives a good lead to him about the victims. Dexter meets the mysterious Lila in the program that helps him to understand the "dark passenger" he carries inside and become his sponsor. Sergeant Doakes follows Dexter and surprisingly supports and understands his suspicious attitude.

    "An Inconvenient Lie" is a great show of Dexter where lie is the central theme. The witty black humor rules this episode and a new character is introduced, the gorgeous and sexy Lila. I have never seen the actress Jaime Murray before, but I am impressed how beautiful and sexy she is. Better off Rita changing her attitude with Dexter, since the newcomer in the show is also a troubled woman; therefore she has the profile Dexter found in Rita. My vote is nine.

    Title (Brazil): "Uma Mentira Inconveniente" ("An Inconvenient Lie")
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    After being "all Jekyll and no Hyde" for a long time, Dexter has regained his lethal touch and quickly finds his old way of killing the ones that got away. I think the soul of the series returns in this episode, as Dexter returns to old habits. I think it is good scriptwriting that he still has to look out for the FBI agent and handle Doakes, who's still on his tail. This keeps the tension up.

    Debra finds herself surprisingly included in Agent Lundy's special task force assigned to hunting the "Bay Harbour Butcher" (Dexter), and the thought of having his own sister hunting him disturbs him. At the same time, she has to continue facing her own demons, and I like the way that the storyline is progressing there. Keith Carradine does a nice job portraying Agent Lundy, playing it straight and doing it well and with the weight required for the part. He's definitely one of the better recurring characters, and helps Debra find her way.

    Following the serious tone of the two first episodes of the season, this episode lightens up a bit. The black humour is back, and Vince Masuka gets a little more screen time, and he's hilarious as always, I like that.

    A major theme of this episode is Dexter's way of handling his addiction to murder, and that he actually can use his visits to the alcohol rehabilitation group in a good way.
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    This is the third episode of the second season of Dexter and it's incredibly fascinating, especially when we see a little more of the Dexter we saw in the first season. Despite all the scrutiny, Dexter still is on the hunt for a serial killer to kill and after a visit to a car dealership, he may have found one. Despite Dexter's deeds, I find it easy to sympathize with him.

    In this episode, "An Inconvenient Truth," Dexter finds out his relationship with Rita will depend on his attendance at Narcotics Anonymous. There is where he meets the sexy and mysterious Lila and is also where Sgt. Doakes stops following him. Meanwhile, Debra joins the task force and she starts to realize the task force is not for her.

    Overall, this is just a fantastic episode and it's quite humorous. I loved the ending of the episode and that look on Rita's face is priceless. I'm definitely curious to see what happens next. I rate this episode 10/10.
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    Masuka: The boss's melons look bigger on TV. Laguerta: Show some respect. Masuka: I thought I was. ;]

    Dex is so chipper this episode, he finds the car salesman so amusing. Don McManus's facial expression when the hottie is walking off, thinking of what he is going to do to her, sums it up completely.

    Rita is very firm, it's the meeting or the solitary road for Dex. He realizes Rita and the kids are important to him, he attends and opens up at the meeting, only to find Doakes had been there watching. However it works in his favour. Oh and by the way, you owe me a Michelin mothaf*cker.

    We are also introduced to Lila, the blood sucking pommy vampire. ;]

    Very good episode.
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    Don't get me wrong, "An Inconvenient Lie" is a good episode. If I wasn't biased, I'd probably give it an 8 or 9. As it is, it gets a 7. Why, you ask? Because it introduces my most hated character in all 5 seasons of Dexter: Lila (Jaime Murray). I DESPISE Lila. She's a complete and utter annoyance, in addition to being a complete psychopath (but we'll get to that later). As it is, she is an important part of season's 2's narrative, and I have to live with that. Lila is assigned to be Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) sponsor in his twelve-step program to get off drugs (which Rita (Julie Benz) thinks he is addicted to). Dexter attempts to edge out of the program, but Rita threatens to leave him if he doesn't stay. At the same time, Doakes discovers Dexter at one of these meetings, leading him to believe that Dexter is a drug addict. This allows the writers to back off of Doakes for a few episodes in order to focus on other story lines. These include the Bay Harbor Butcher case, in which Lundy (Keith Carradine) invites Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) to join the task force. Deb is concerned, after the Ice Truck Killer, that she is not ready, of which Lundy attempts to dissuade her. Lundy discovers that some of the victims are ex-convicts, leading him to believe in a pattern. While the BHB investigation is fun, the twelve step program irritates me (mainly due to Lila's presence), making this a good, not great, episode.