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Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Seeking Heartwood
Director: Adam Eurich
Writers: Adam Eurich
Video type: Movie
Seeking Heartwood follows the journey of Adam Eurich, a successful young engineer from Washington DC, as he leaves his life behind and sets out on a three year road trip to find out what kind of possibilities lie in the 2,500 year old tradition of Buddhism. Already familiar with the difficulties of sorting through confusing cultural traditions, wildly different practices, and conflicting philosophical frameworks, Adam seeks out the first generation of American Buddhist teachers. Brought up in the counter-cultural movement, trained by traditional Asian masters, and now settled into their modern American lives with a lifetime of practice behind them, these teachers now offer their understanding to upcoming generations. Eschewing the formal interview format with stock questions, Seeking Heartwood instead documents sincere, personal dialogues with these teachers in an effort to understand how this tradition of inquiry is allowing new, innovative discussions about the experience of life, ...
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Adam Eurich Adam Eurich - Himself
Rick Hanson Rick Hanson - Himself
Gary Gach Gary Gach - Himself
Brad Warner Brad Warner - Himself
Noah Levine Noah Levine - Himself
Surya Das Surya Das - Himself
David Loy David Loy - Himself
Kenneth McLeod Kenneth McLeod - Himself
Craig Horton Craig Horton - Himself
Shinzen Young Shinzen Young - Himself
Phillip Moffitt Phillip Moffitt - Himself
Barbara Meido Barbara Meido - Herself
Jason Siff Jason Siff - Himself
Martine Batchelor Martine Batchelor - Herself
Joseph Goldstein Joseph Goldstein - Himself