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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Reality TV
Original Title: American Airgunner
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
Series cast summary:
Crystal Ackley Crystal Ackley 2 episodes, 2009

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    I love watching American Airgunner(AAG)!!Yes,like many shows,they have to plug products to sell advertising to generate revenue for the show and the Sportsman Channel,big deal,everybody does it.The show promotes air guns in a positive light as well as firearms/shooting sports/hunting.Safety is ALWAYS stressed at all times and Paul Capello should be commended for showing proper air gun shooting safety techniques.The show has had Tom Gaylord on in the 1st season as well as 2007 World Field Target Champion Paul Cray. Many think of air guns as child toys and cheap Daisy Red Rider type BB guns,those types exist but many are unaware of the ADULT air gun world that exists.These are finely engineered and crafted guns that often rival and surpass conventional firearm makers.They are not toys and command respect like any weapon. AAG showcases many styles of air powered weapons and how to use them correctly.The show is well done IMHO and usually straight to the point.I have been shooting air guns for over 30 years and have learned many things from the show. AAG has covered many different topics and I think has been invaluable to new air gun shooters as well as experienced ones.I like the fact that the show covers target shooting both formal and informal styles,hunting,gunsmithing and shooting techniques,accessorizing. I hope AAG has a 4th season and many more.
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    Because the show is a dead-end, The one hunting element in the series was a complete embarrassment, no responsible hunter would dare hunt game under the circumstances they encountered, that game should have received a free pass, distasteful, poor sportsmanship, and one of the reasons animal activist would like to see an end to all hunting, this show should have never been aired, the editors missed this by a long shot the show is totally amateurish and an embarrassment to hunters worldwide. I still get emails from folks in the UK sharing there jokes about American Airgunners. I'm trying to avoid it but its true it seemed like it was one long promotion not directed at entertainment but promotion of one product or another. What else can I say poor planning, poor showmanship, poor directing, poor editing, It's a total looser.
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    Because of my 40 years of interest in air-guns I tried to watch the "show" several times but the advertisement aspects of the "show" just kept getting longer. (In using the word show I jest) Immature and childish at best, the show was so annoying I quit watching the sportsman channel altogether. The show had no purpose other then pushing product. When its gone I will try to watch my favorite hunting and fishing channel once again. Every show was the same never were there any good creative branching, the road was the same at each intersection, push the promoters, it was a total joke it's beyond me how it made it to the air for the first shoot. O,, can you say commercial

    Please make American Airgunner go away.