» » Maharakshak Devi Episode #1.15 (2015)

Maharakshak Devi Episode #1.15 (2015) HD online

Maharakshak Devi Episode #1.15 (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Fantasy
Original Title: Episode #1.15
Released: 2015
Duration: 35min
Video type: TV Episode
After defeating Raktbeej, another identity of the Asur confronts Gauri and wants a war from her. Few youths are seen in the forest camping and singing songs. A girl leaves the camp and sets out to a distant location. Following the girl, a boy too reaches the place. When the boy is just about to hug the girl, a supernatural force turns the girl to bones. The terrified boy, who witnessed this, runs for his life but is unable to escape from this supernatural evil power. Next day, Gauri, Tiger and Jayanth watch the news on the television and Gauri instantly tells that it is the work of an Asur. But she fails to recognize which Asur it could be. Will Gauri, Jayanth and Tiger be able to find the Asur and put an end to it?