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Animal Rescue Katrina (2006) HD online

Animal Rescue Katrina (2006) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Documentary
Original Title: Animal Rescue Katrina
Director: Josef Dykas
Released: 2006
Budget: $2,000
Duration: 1h
Video type: Creative Work
The Katrina animal rescue was a hard and emotional experience for all the people who were involved in it. Unlike the happy reality portrayed by large welfare organizations, the day-to-day reality was gruesome and deeply disturbing. Companion animals were left behind in New Orleans, dying of dehydration and starvation because the local animal organization in New Orleans (LASPCA) did not have a plan of action to go out and save people's pets in New Orleans, Plaquemines, and St. Bernard parish. Katrina has exposed the dire conditions of animal welfare in Mississippi as well with the animal shelter in Waveland, which clearly contrasts with well-run shelters in Gulfport and Tylertown.
Cast overview:
Jane Garrison Jane Garrison - Certified Animal Rescuer
Pia Salk Pia Salk - Clinical Psychologist / Animal Rescuer
Heulette Fontenot Heulette Fontenot - Senator State of Louisiana

Pia Salk is a clinical psychologist and well-known animal welfare activist. She is also the niece of Jonas Salk, the scientist who discovered the polio vaccine and whose scientific legacy is contained in the Salk Research Institute.

During the feral cat trapping excursion, Robert the Animal Rescue New Orleans trapper, the director Josef, and the producer Laure almost got arrested while setting feral cat traps in New Orleans East, a completely deserted neighborhood, heavily damaged by Katrina's flood waters. The police thought they were looters even though they had nothing but cat food, traps, and a camera.