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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Rabu shaffuru
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Series
Three men Kei, a business man, Ojiro, a model photographer, and Masato, a psychiatrist, and a woman, Airu, a trilingual interpreter, living on the same floor of an apartment become acquainted with each other while trapped in the elevator during a power outage. In order to prove or disprove the notion that "there a soul mate for every person" the group decides to try out a "Love Shuffle". The four of them and their partners, for a total of eight individuals, gather to "swap" partners every week.
Series cast summary:
Daigo Daigo - Yukichi Oishi 10 episodes, 2009
Shihori Kanjiya Shihori Kanjiya - Kagawa, Mei 10 episodes, 2009
Karina Karina - Aizawa, Airu 10 episodes, 2009
Hijiri Kojima Hijiri Kojima - Kamijyo, Reiko 10 episodes, 2009
Shôta Matsuda Shôta Matsuda - Sera, Ojiro 10 episodes, 2009
Hiroshi Tamaki Hiroshi Tamaki - Usami, Kei 10 episodes, 2009
Shôsuke Tanihara Shôsuke Tanihara - Kikuta, Masato 10 episodes, 2009
Yuriko Yoshitaka Yuriko Yoshitaka - Hayakawa, Kairi 10 episodes, 2009

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    Okay, I was pleasantly surprised by this drama. After finishing the first episode (my trial run) I wasn't too impressed, but I am glad that I continued because Love Shuffle took me on an incredibly entertaining ride. With an ensemble cast of well-known entertainers, Love Shuffle was well-acted, well-executed, and super fun to watch. I especially enjoyed the chemistry between all of the cast members, specifically that between Tamaki Hiroshi and Karina. It also didn't hurt that Yoshitaka Yuriko was a part of the cast (playing a very different character)! The story line was pretty much all over the place, but I actually enjoyed it. Every episode was fresh and new, exploring the relationships (or lack of) between the various characters.

    Sometimes over-the-top, sometimes mellow, and sometimes sad, this drama impressed me. Love Shuffle was not only a fun time, it gave perspective on how chance encounters can shape lives. Imagine, one malfunctioning elevator ride can bring four complete strangers (who live on the same floor!) together and ultimately form tight bonds. Definitely recommended.
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    Love Shuffle is a 10 episode 2009 jdrama that is a mix of romance, comedy and melodrama when four top-floor apartment dwellers decide to shuffle their love relationships (with their partners agreeing to participate in the shuffle). The writing of this drama was very good, every episode had surprises. The production of the drama was also good with clever, consistent use of two songs - Earth Wind and Fire's Fantasy and Eternal Flame by the Bangles. The acting was the weakest aspect of the drama. The twisting story trumped some flat performances. At the end of the drama I found that the main couple didn't interest me as much as the seconding pairings.

    What I liked about the show a) standout character was Usami Kei played by Tamaki Hiroshi. Kei starts out dull but ends up refocused and on an interesting future path. He was the energizing character of the show. b) second favorite character was Sera Ojiro played by Matsuda Shota. I remembered Shota from Hana Yori Dango. Ojiro's insights when taking pictures were riveting, forcing the subjects to speak their own personal truths. This character had most emotional variations in the series. c) writer Nojima Shinji crafted 10 episodes of intrigue, interwoven characters with plenty of surprises along the way. I plan to check out other jdramas from this writer. d) the friendship between the 4 same- floor apartment dwellers is developed nicely and seems genuine. I enjoyed their after-work drinks and snack banter.

    What I did not like about the show a) limited emotional range from lead female character Aizawa Airu played by Karina. Airu was a likable, tough, independent character but the actresses' flat portrayal did not draw me in so I did not care who Airu ended up with. b) lack of passion from most of the characters. Most of the cast came across flat. So while I was intrigued and wanted to know what happened next, the flat acting kept me at and arm's length and I did not emotionally invest in this jdrama.