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Coeur-sur-Mer (1950) HD online

Coeur-sur-Mer (1950) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Coeur-sur-Mer
Director: Jacques Daniel-Norman
Writers: Jacques Daniel-Norman,Marcel-Étienne Grancher
Released: 1950
Duration: 1h 45min
Video type: Movie
Endive-Meunier, a prosperous silk dealer from Lyon has an affair with his secretary he tries hard to keep secret. One day, he nevertheless accepts to accompany her to the seaside resort of Coeur-sur-Mer. Unfortunately for him, once there, he finds himself in the presence of Claudius Paquito, the popular barman of a fashionable club. The trouble is that the man is no other than one of his former employees he once fired for insolence...
Credited cast:
André Claveau André Claveau - Claudius Paquito
Armand Bernard Armand Bernard - Modeste Cotivet
Mona Monick Mona Monick - Monique Limoux
Jean Tissier Jean Tissier - Palamède
Jacques Charon Jacques Charon - Le prince de Synoire
Pauline Carton Pauline Carton - Apolline Meunier
Fred Pasquali Fred Pasquali - Endive-Meunier
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Roger Balthys Roger Balthys
Daisy Daix Daisy Daix - Lulu de Sainte-Cassette
Monique Darritz Monique Darritz
Lisa Dorel Lisa Dorel
Emile Duard Emile Duard - Le monsieur triste
Charlotte Ecard Charlotte Ecard - Gertrude
Louis Florencie Louis Florencie - Albert
Serge Grave Serge Grave - Un employé de soierie

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    Jacques Daniel-Norman 's best efforts are two detective films such as "120 Rue De La Gare" and "La Femme Que J'Ai Assassinée"."Le Briseur De Chaines is also a movie to be recommended .

    "Cœur Sur Mer" ,on the other hand,is a rubbishy film,in which good actors such as Jean Tissier,Jacques Charon and Pauline Carton are lost in an awful mess;intended as a musical,for the romantic male lead is crooner Andre Claveau ,this is a desultory farce in which the average viewer won't laugh once (unless the chairman's beard stuck in a vice counts).

    As for the story ,if this is what you call a story,it takes place in Cœur Sur Mer ,an imaginary kingdom vaguely inspired by Monaco;a prince comes to buy fabric to make dresses for a royal wedding;all the staff of the factory winds up in this sunny place where they step over girls in bathing suits to the tune of "Au Clair De la Lune".

    This abysmal flick might or might not help Daniel -Norman become Tino Rossi's director for two musicals ;the first one "Son Dernier Noel" ,was not devoid of charm and was a good Xmas -movie- for- the -whole -family;the follow-up ,"Tourments" is routine melodrama.