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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy / Reality TV
Original Title: Candid Camera
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Series
Smile! Candid Camera's back with all-new gags drawn from today's headlines that put unsuspecting people on the spot and deliver smiles and laughter to a new generation. Tune in to TV Land and laugh more with Candid Camera!
Series cast summary:
Mayim Bialik Mayim Bialik - Herself - Co-Hostess / - 6 episodes, 2014
Peter Funt Peter Funt - Himself - Co-Host / - 6 episodes, 2014
Amanda Melby Amanda Melby - Herself - Guest Star 3 episodes, 2014

Reviews: [3]

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    Peter Funt just can't pull it off... He gives off a high "creepy factor" and is simply a wooden actor.

    The "stunts" while seemingly good ideas are executed poorly...

    I really, really wanted this to be a good show, but it was painful to watch. So embarrassing that I wanted to cover my face in my own home.

    Probably would not have even given it this one episode trial had Mayim Bialik not been enlisted as the co-host...

    And, may I say.... Mayim Bialik! Run! Run away! Get away from this really bad incarnation of a potentially good concept. Peter isn't Allen. This is no longer the 60s, and they have NO IDEA how to write, setup, film, edit, et al. the "stunts".

    Save yourself! Flee for your life and your career!
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    This was terrible. When I first found out about the new series I was looking forward to it, could not wait. Then the first episode came! I could not believe how terrible it was. Thought since it was first episode it would be the funniest. You would think it would be funny because they would want the audience to tune into future episodes. But it was not funny. The co host isn't attractive so I didn't even want to tune into see her. Her style....said enough... BAD! Her talent could be used some where else other than television. Did I just say talent? That was a mistake. She can try volunteer work somewhere because no one is going to hire her.
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    The ads were not terribly promising. Wondered why Mayam Bailik would sign up for this. Isn't she an actual rocket scientist? Tuned in anyway, with my kids. First gag had people taking hits on a bong. This is family TV? No thanks. This review has to be 10 lines long. That many words are not needed for a show this bad. So: Idiotic-adjective 1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an idiot. 2. senselessly foolish or stupid: an idiotic remark. Tasteless-adjective 1. having no taste or flavor; insipid. 2. dull; uninteresting. 3. lacking in aesthetic quality or capacity; devoid of good taste : a houseful of tasteless furnishings; a tasteless director of stale, dreary films. 4. lacking in politeness, seemliness, tact, etc.; unmannerly; insensitive: a tasteless remark. 5. lacking the physical sense of taste.