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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama / Fantasy / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Bokudake ga Inai Machi
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
After finding his mom killed, Satoru's time-traveling ability takes him back 18 years for a chance to prevent her death and those of three classmates.
Series cast summary:
Yûki Furukawa Yûki Furukawa - Satoru Fujinuma 12 episodes, 2017
Tomoka Kurotani Tomoka Kurotani - Sachiko Fujinuma 12 episodes, 2017
Reo Uchikawa Reo Uchikawa - Satoru Fujinuma - Age 10 12 episodes, 2017
Brenda Joan Wong Brenda Joan Wong - Airi Katagiri 12 episodes, 2017
Shigeyuki Totsugi Shigeyuki Totsugi - Gaku Yashiro 10 episodes, 2017
Jyo Kairi Jyo Kairi - Hiromi Sugita - Age 10 9 episodes, 2017
Rinka Kakihara Rinka Kakihara - Kayo Hinazuki - Age 10 9 episodes, 2017
Kelly Jean Badgley Kelly Jean Badgley - Young Hiromi / - 8 episodes, 2017
RiRia RiRia - Satoru Fujinuma (10-year-old) 8 episodes, 2017
Stacy Allen Stacy Allen - Young Kayo 7 episodes, 2017
Mio Yûki Mio Yûki - Airi Katagiri 7 episodes, 2017
Hidekazu Mashima Hidekazu Mashima - Makoto Sawada 6 episodes, 2017
Nathan DeLaTorre Nathan DeLaTorre - Kenya Kobayashi 5 episodes, 2017
Noriko Eguchi Noriko Eguchi - Akemi Hinazuki 5 episodes, 2017
Jin Shirasu Jin Shirasu - Kenya Kobayashi 5 episodes, 2017

The Japanese title translates to "The Town Without Me."

This is the Third Adaptation of the Erased Manga series, after the Anime & the 2016 live action film version.

Reviews: [13]

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    I'll be very simple and objective here. As someone who watched the anime and considered it as the top three ever, here is my opinion: The series are completely accurate compared to the anime they've managed, actually, to get some details even better! Not to mention the ending wich is different from the anime and also slightly improved. Now, how about to contemplate an insane quality of photography? How about a perfectly fitting soundtrack? And about good acting? Boku Dake ga Inai Machi is the whole deal. It will impress you even if you know the manga and the anime. Even better for who doesn't know japanese live actions at all neither animes, they will have so much good times watching it. This show must be an example of how things should be made. And this time we should thank Netflix for bringing this piece of art to us. Thank you very much!
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    I'm not particularly a manga or Japanese movie/tv fan and I didn't know the cartoon and movie existed. I might have to check them out.

    From the perspective of someone who is watching this without any expectations and randomly found this on Netflix:

    This show is absolutely amazing. Just bingewatched the first 6 episodes. The acting is brilliant, the characters are so amazing, and I'll admit I almost shed a tear in several episodes out of sheer glee. This reminds me of how I enjoyed the film Amelie; a pleasure to see all the unique nuances, especially after watching one of the most terrible films I have ever seen in my life a few days ago called Stasis.

    I hope the rest of the season is as good but I could probably die happy after only 6 episodes. Thank you sincerely to those who made this with such endearing people. I want to hug you and them.

    By the way, the show Haters Back Off needs more 1 star reviews. Please take the time to downvote terrible shows so I can experience more of this and less of that.
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    I accidentally found Erased on Netflix when I was searching for shows recently added and I gotta say, this show really impressed me. That was my first time ever watching a japanese live action and it only took me a few minutes to not mind having to read subtitles, because that is really the only thing I could complain about.

    Great acting and plot. The characters all have noticeable and distinguishable personalities (even the ones that appear in a short time span), helping the viewers understand their ambition and choices.

    The show's progression also felt really well detailed for a 12 episodes series, leaving it with little to no holes left after watching.

    And I don't even need to talk about the photography, the winter scenes from when they were younger are astounding and they really make the show even more beautiful.
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    I was not expecting this live action series to be as good as it was. The direction was stellar and always made sure to draw your eye to crucial details in scenery. The acting is also top notch, even the child actors, everyone fit their roles well.

    Story wise it was emotionally fulfilling and the characters go through a lot of development. The mystery of who the killer is may be a bit obvious, but it isn't the focal point of the whole series so I believe it can be excused.

    Music was always utilized well and never used unnecessarily, adding to the impact the soundtrack has when used. The theme song is pretty nice too, though it would be nice if Netflix at least translated it for the final episode.

    If you were to choose between watching this and the anime, you should definitely watch this live action series, as it has much better direction and stronger storytelling. If you have seen the anime and are wary about this series, I can confirm this is actually a much better version of ERASED than the anime is.

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    I have only been getting into Asian TV shows for about three months now. Some have been good, some have been so-so, and a few have been fantastic! This is one of those "fantastic" shows that's up there with "Good Morning Call" for me. In fact, this one may even surpass that one.

    "Erased" is based on a manga series about a young man who is a manga artist and has the ability to go back in time. When this happens, Saturo calls it a "Revival" in which he looks for something that is wrong/about to happen. He then does his best to prevent/change the tragedy from occurring.

    After the brutal murder of his mother, he finds himself sent back to his childhood days. He realizes that he has the chance to save, not only his mother's life, but the lives of several children who have been targeted by a sadistic killer.

    The story is expertly crafted to provide enough suspense and suspects to keep you guessing who the real killer may be. It also very deftly handles the beautiful relationships that Saturo forms with several of his classmates, but with Kayo, in particular. In a previous timeline, she is a victim of the killer, and Saturo is determined to befriend her and save her life if he can.

    This is a series that I binge-watched over the course of just a few days. Every episode kept me wanting more. And after it was over, I realized that there was really nothing wrong with the series. The performances were fantastic, from the child actors to the adults.

    It also had enough touching and heartfelt moments to balance the mystery, suspense, and darkness of a serial killer.

    I have not read the manga series, but I'm certainly glad that Netflix added this incredible series to their list of quality programs. My only regret is that the series ended. I wanted more. Guess that means I'll have to watch it again!
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    Once you get past the fact you're watching a Japanese show, and have to read the subtitles -- which doesn't take long -- Erased becomes addictive.

    It's a drama/mystery/science fiction series involving Satoru and those around him. I won't include any spoilers. As is the case with many shows, the less you know about it, probably the better.

    Binge-watched the first six episodes.
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    While many details from the original manga are left out, I felt that the story is being told quite smoothly. It fills the details good enough to satisfy fans while letting the new audiences catch up with the story easily.

    The quality of moods and tones in this drama are amazing.(Look at all those gorgeous scenes that fulfill our imagination from the original material) The acting is very good, especially those young actors who are the core of this story.

    While people may argue the manga/anime is better, I would say that there are pros and cons considering the limitations and conditions of any type of medium. To me considering this as a drama series, it serves its purposes well and is highly recommended.

    P.S. the ending soundtrack is one of best things about this series.
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    I'm not much of an anime fan, but the concept of the anime version of this was enough for me to give it a go, and I like it up until the last few episodes. I wish I'd seen this first.

    This for me filled the void left by the anime version as it was quite different. It was less obvious who the killer/kidnapper was, and the way he was caught was less far-fetched.

    The general vibe of the series was just far better, much similar to another Japanese title I like 'Memories of Matsuko'. The series gets you thinking, and makes you feel good.
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    I know nothing about the manga or any previous tellings of this story. I was pulled in during the first episode and binged the entire series. I thought the younger actors were nothing less than phenomenal. The secret of the evil doer was kept until the script demanded. I loved the fidelity the characters portrayed to the very thought of doing good. I rate this high because more people need to watch it!
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    I have seen numerous adaptations of manga and anime, and Netflix's Erased series is the one I've enjoyed the most, only because of the original story itself though.

    Unlike others going as a feature film format, an 8-volume thriller story goes as TV series format, which is a brilliant move, so it has all the time to maintain such a good pacing. Storytelling is completely accurate comparing to the manga, every single detail, the scenery, the clothes people're wearing. Even cinematography and soundtrack is solid, that I have no complains.

    However, the fact that everything stick too close to the original is also a huge problem, not only this series, but also Japanese movies in general. It includes actors/actresses' performances, which are extremely flat, soulless and too manga/anime-like. Many times I felt frustrate because they barely represents any of the characters they're in or even interacts with each others, just standing there, waiting and reading the exact same line from the book. If I am reading a manga, dialogues, voice over of people's thought and their expressions work fine, but this is movie we're talking, and lack of actual human interaction is a disappointment for a live adaptation.

    The storytelling could be better if it was rewritten a little bit. For instance, I prefer one separate episode for the culprit character himself/herself rather than shoving into one little sequence with the main character.

    Overall, Netflix's Erased is not a bad adaptation, since there are still many things to like. I think it is time to realize that audiences interpret real life different from anime or manga.
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    Randomly stumbled upon this series on Netflix. Although it had an interesting premise but the show as a whole just never really worked. I never saw the manga or the anime so I'm not comparing this adaptation to its former selves but rather rating it based on how it stands on its own.

    Pros: Some good DP work and great scenery of the Hokkaido region of Japan. Fuji mountain was breathtaking. Some children actors did a fine job being natural and believable. Good soundtrack although it gets repetitive. Good moral message for children (watch out for those loner kids/caring etc.) Has an interesting blend of fantasy/detective/nostalgia narrative not seen very often

    Cons: Bad script and plot. This is probably the biggest setback and the thing that takes me out the most. For example the mom got killed and instead of describing the killer to the police our guy just starts running because he automatically assumes everyone thinks he is the killer? Why does the main guy acts like he's the most downtrodden manga drawer when he has the most AWESOME ability to rewind time and save people, how about a little pride Satoru?? Why an intoxicated boy strapped to the car seat and plunged head first into ice-cold water can survive? And seriously what is Airi doing all day and how many times can she miraculously meet Satoru on a random street? I don't know how these things happened in the manga but they just don't work in this show and I'm left scratching my head at the weird wooden characters, weird reactions and leap of logic every time.

    The world is very small in the series so you could figure out our killer pretty early on and since the reveal in the middle the pacing slows down to snails pace because the amnesia bit drags it out wayyyy too long. I felt like we could lose about 3 volumes there and just go straight for finale it would work better.

    The filters.. oh boy the filters. I get it you want to set the mood but perhaps have some moderation. Whoever is responsible indulges way too much with the filters, it's always very blue or very yellow and it squanders a lot of good shots because of the overuse.

    The villain development is pretty weak here, I find him much more interesting than Satoru but since we don't really get into his background much so after the whole show I still don't know what the hell he talking about every time he speaks about his "void."

    Overall its got it's heart-warming moments and some interesting stuff going on but I think maybe it should have stayed on paper rather than a screen.
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    It's so easy

    Half way through the first episode and I am starting to have deja vu feelings. Have I watched this one before? Yes, this one is the live action of the anime, probably the manga too (?), erased. And it does follow the anime plot wise, up to a certain point at least. One thing I have to comment about this drama was the ability of the leading actor to look older at times and like a teenager in other scenes. That gave a good time progress for the story. Also, the kid actors and actresses were extremely good! When it comes to the story, it is a mystery-fantasy plot with great performances and a gripping mystery.
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    From young to adult actor everyone's acting was just wonderful.. The story is quite simple but shown intelligently through few timelines..From beginning to end it will keep you waiting..A must watch for dramalovers... Happy watching....