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X-Men Legends (2004) HD online

X-Men Legends (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Action / Sci-Fi
Original Title: X-Men Legends
Writers: Patrick Lipo,Robert Love
Released: 2004
Video type: Video Game
You play the X-Men as they battle against the forces of evil be it mutant haters with their Sentinels or Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart - Professor Charles Xavier (voice)
Michelle Arthur Michelle Arthur - Moira MacTaggert / Female Prisoner #3 (voice)
Edward Asner Edward Asner - Healer (voice) (as Ed Asner)
Dee Bradley Baker Dee Bradley Baker - Multiple Man / Nightcrawler / Morlock Guard / Cyborg Sentinel / Mutant Prisoner (voice)
Leigh-Allyn Baker Leigh-Allyn Baker - Jean Grey (voice) (as Leigh Allen Baker)
Eric Biessman Eric Biessman - NYC Acolyte #1 / Shadow Demon #1 (voice)
Steve Blum Steve Blum - Wolverine (voice) (as Steven Blum)
Earl Boen Earl Boen - Colossus / Doctor (voice)
Rodger Bumpass Rodger Bumpass - Sentinel Scientist (voice)
Cheryl Carter Cheryl Carter - Storm (voice)
Blaine Christine Blaine Christine - Soldier #4 / NYC GRSO (voice)
Kat Cressida Kat Cressida - Debra Owens / Computer Voice #1 (voice)
Grey Griffin Grey Griffin - Mystique / Child Bishop (voice) (as Grey Delisle)
John DiMaggio John DiMaggio - Juggernaut / General Kincaid (voice)
Robin Atkin Downes Robin Atkin Downes - Cyclops / Pyro (voice)

This game drew its influence from the various incarnations of the X-Men characters. The storyine was inspired by the original X-Men comics. The uniforms were taken from Ultimate X-Men (an alternate version of the comics created for readers who didn't want to have to deal with the thirty plus years of backstory from the original comics) and the design of the Xavier Mansion is taken from the X-Men film franchise.

The game marks the first time Steven Blum did the voice of Wolverine.

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    I bought this game last night around 3:30pm got home and started playing around 4pm and didn't stop playing till 10am this morning. Talk about intense. I had to turn it off after 18 hands were going numb. So far I made it to the Russian Nuclear Plant and am just about to meet Colossus. I love everything about this game. The new mutant Allison (Magma) is awesome. Her powers are intense. I really like the real time RPG factor. It reminds me of Bouncer for PS2 but way better. I love being able to switch characters and have my friends play with me without it disrupting my game really. One of my friends played for 3 hours with me, he loved it but had to work in the morning. I was lucky enough to have this week off before I start my new job next Monday. So basically all I'm going to be doing is playing this game all weekend. I should have the storyline beat by Sunday at the latest. Not sure about getting all of the characters leveled up and all of their abilities maxed out. This has got to be the sweetest game invented. I'm glad they finally got a super hero game right (not including spider-man 2 cuz that game rocked). This is everything this game should be and more. It really pays a good tribute to the x-men legacy.
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    X-Men Legends is a good solid game, with a good plot, easy controls, and very fun to play. The cel-shaded graphics might not be your thing, but the CGI cut scenes are really well done.

    The game play is similar to Diablo, where you run around beating up enemies for experience points, which they lets you level up to unlock more mutant powers. The huge cast of playable characters and hidden secrets also gives it some replay value.

    My main beef is that the game gets progressively easier as you go along. By the latter half of the game, your X-team is so powered up that you rarely fight enemies, they just get blasted with mutant powers by your computer controlled teammates before you can even get to them. Some of the mutant attacks are so deadly that even the toughest non-boss enemies go down quickly. The only time it gets challenging is when you are literally swarmed with enemies. However, between a rampaging horde, four X-men who them constantly shooting off mutant powers whose graphical effects take up the whole screen, you can barely tell what's going on.

    While the storyline is good, too many of the enemies are generic human soldiers. It would be nice to fight more recognizable evil mutants and classic X-men villains. One of the best villains of all time is barely used at all in the game (he got the same treatment in the movie, so I can't complain too much).
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    Yes, X-Men Legends is by far the best X-Men game around. The missions throughout this game are very, very fun with a challenge as well. The characters abilities are superb and there are many to unlock. You have to kill people and gain EXP. to level up and such. The characters are fun to control and there are many to unlock. With the added bonus of the danger room, which you can play mini-missions and do scrimmages and things of that sort. The story mode is multi-player which defiantly gives this game a huge plus. The only major disappointment is not being able to replay the missions you've done. Even if the character detail isn't the greatest, this game has non-stop fun, I would rate it, 9/10!!
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    This game is hella-fun, even if you're not an X-Men fan! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys action/RPGish games. I start off as Wolverine, then you move through the storyline, unlocking new Xmen and abilities. I popped it in and played it for a few hours, and was thoroughly impressed. The cell-shaded animations look cool, and give it a real comicky feel to it. The mutant abilities are awesome, and varied, and speaking of varied, you can choose between 15 (!) different Xmen when they all become available!

    It is at it's core a hack & slash title that gives you good challenge and variety. The environments are huge, and fully destructible. If you feel like smashing a large computer console, or throwing a snowmobile at Storm - Have at it! The game lets you progress at your own pace, and whats also cool is the "Danger Room" a training room built by Prof X for the experience and training of his xmen - so that if you are having a tough time with an area, you can level up for a while in the D Room.

    Check this one out!

    Mike Clark
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    I'm going back to when I was a kid and I saw Iron Man, I got into comic books that way but I generally got most of the information I needed on a game called Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, what I think - aside from Batman Arkham City is the definitive superhero beat-em-up. I dug this series out and I repaired the discs because I found them and played them. This game, is probably the complete antithesis of what an X-Men game should be in terms of gameplay.

    The question you'll probably get on everyone's mind - "Do you play as the characters we know and love?"... For the first mission you play as Wolverine but that's it or at least as far as I played - There is barely any way to select the character you want and the crown jewel - NO CO-OPERATIVE PLAY! I mean this was Marvel's most popular superhero team at the time and probably has the largest roster of characters in any super-hero team (or at least there are a lot of characters to learn about in terms of mutants) I think doing co-op missions with friends is a given.

    The Danger room segments are the closest to what I wanted from this game. You can pick from Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm and Wolverine...In the first mission - that's it. Enough about me going on about the HUGE disappointment of the 4 character roster you start out with and that's when you can actually select characters - Do you want to know what the story is? You play as a teenager who has just discovered her mutant power of being a walking fire hazard and you go around fighting The Brotherhood and leveling up and while that might sound cool "Oh an X-Men RPG" You barely choose anything about this character - she's just a blank slate for anyone to just jump into playing as. And for an X-Men RPG I think a much better customization system such as appearance, gender, character type and powers (I know it's nigh on impossible to program new powers for just specific characters but why not have them select their favourite powers from each character) because it's basically "You have fire powers - upgrade it".

    The voice acting is crap across the board. Well, I tell a lie in some respects - this is the thing that got Steve Blum typecast as Wolverine (although - am I the only one who missed Cathal J Dodd's voice work as Logan?) but even then I shouldn't get that mad at the actors (although the person playing the teenager you play as is the stuff of legendarily bad voice acting) because the dialogue is horrible. It's not even the kind of dialogue that you can just laugh at like you can with the 60's Batman show because that show was easy to make fun of - this isn't, it's just the stuff that makes you groan.

    Okay, now onto what I like about this game. The combat mechanics are really good. It's basically the same controls as Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (although if we're to choose - pick that game up) but the idea of health and power boosts to be done manually - while I question why someone WOULDN'T want their health regenerated automatically when they're about to die It's great saving this up for when it's needed most - like say in Boss battles.

    I can safely say that while there are MANY who'll disagree with me - the idea of an X-Men RPG could mean the next Mass Effect 2 with complete character customization (to be fair though - I don't think the tech of 2005 could have programmed all these variants) and deciding what skills/powers they should have but with games like this and X-Men Destiny (by the way - although it's ridiculously short - much better game!) I am massively underwhelmed. Maybe Marvel should push this idea forward with the game I have in mind. So, I'd say skip this and go onto the sequel.
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    Before the Ultimate Alliance games there was "X-men Legends" one and two. I am actually playing "Ultimate Alliance 2" right now and have to say that this one is more fun than that one. For one thing the fact that this game has a narrower focus of being simply X-men rather than the entire Marvel universe helps the story a bit. I also enjoy the character of Cyclops and he is not present in either alliance games sadly, unless you get like a special edition X-box 360 game of the first Alliance. I do not know, something about using his optic blasts is just cool to me and having Wolverine tear into people is fun. They always include Storm, but I have never cared for Storm at all. Not in the comics, not in the movies and not in video games. This one basically revolves the story around this one girl's point of few. A new student at Xaiver's school for the gifted. I forget her name, but she used magma to do attacks and such, she may have been in fact called Magma or Magmar or something to that effect. Well Magneto is up to no good and there is some general or something that is also up to no good and you must do battle with both in this game. The fighting is made up of a four team squad where if you play by yourself you control one member while the other three are computer controlled. You can switch between the four as you see fit. Strength plays a part in this game, unlike the first Ultimate Alliance game where strength is virtually ignored. Rather fun, a bit of a role playing game as in-between missions you walk around the mansion as the new girl talking to various other X-men. The game is quite fun and while the graphics are not that great it is still more fun to me than the latest Alliance game. Though this one had horrible boss battles, like all the other games that are similar to this one do.
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    This is one of the best X-MEN games I have ever played. I love how they actually put the sentinels in it. X-Men 2: Clone Wars had them in it, but didn't show them fighting, you just go inside one, break it's electrical circuits, and bust out of Trask's Sentinel factory. Wolverine dominates! Gambit is great. Beast is OK. Iceman does pretty good. Cyclops is great. Everybody else is OK.

    The game really starts to pick up after you go through that slow sequence to get to the Blob. He is hard to fight at first. I fought him with Cyclops because Wolverine didn't make it.

    The H.A.R.P. fights are challenging, but fun. Wolverine, Cyclops, or Iceman would probably be the best ones to use in that battle.

    All in all, this is one of the best X-Men games I have ever seen or played. Thank you PS2.
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    I bought this from Amazon for £10, and it's not that bad a game. It's almost identical in gameplay terms to Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, but featuring various X-Men rather than some anonymous dwarf/wizard/warrior.

    The game basically involves running around levels fighting wave after wave of enemies, but it isn't as boring as it sounds. The different powers you can get make it interesting, and there is definite replay value as you can try out different team combinations on various levels.

    It is actually a lot more fun with a few friends, though, as nothing quite beats the feeling of four people sitting around a console kicking bad guys' butts, rather than just you and three AI players. If you have the Xbox version(as I do, which means I get four control ports), the Gamecube version or a PS2 multitap and a few friends around, it really is worth it.

    -spoilers follow- The plot is quite basic compared to some of the grandiose plot lines of the X-Men comics, but serves its purpose well. And really, you can't shoehorn thirty odd years of continuity into a 20 hour game, although there are some great flashback scenes such as Juggernaut attacking the X-Mansion, and Wolverine's escape from Weapon X.

    Basically, Magneto has stopped attending his Supervillains Anonymous meetings and gone on another world domination bender, and the X-Men have to put a stop to his rampage. In doing so, you visit locations like the HAARP facility, the USS Arbiter, and Magneto's hideout(you know where I'm talking about if you're an X-Men fan) and fight famous villains such as Mystique, Pyro, Toad and the Sentinels along the way.

    The game doesn't appear to take place within any specific continuity as such, borrowing character designs from the Ultimate X-Men comics, but making reference to past events that took place in the original Marvel Universe. It's sort of its own separate universe based on the comics just like the movies.

    The game is quite easy though. Once you've powered up your characters, you'll find that enemies that attack you have a habit of dying very quickly. The Sentinels may be tough, but when they've got four level 13 X-Men pounding on them, they soon go down. This can be useful when you've got to complete a particular objective, as you can run off and be sure that your teammates won't fall prey to enemies, but the disadvantage is that there are very few situations that can't be resolved through clever strategy. You can basically just pound your way through the level without any real thought quite often. There are a few 'pull the lever' type puzzles, but mostly it's just kicking ass.

    I don't really complain about it that much, as although I do like solving a good puzzle, the action more than makes up for it.

    Overall, if you like a good dungeon crawl game, and also are an X-Men fan, well, it's a must buy.