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Amsterdam Express (2014) HD online

Amsterdam Express (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Amsterdam Express
Director: Fatmir Koçi
Writers: Fatmir Koçi,Jonathan Preece
Released: 2014
Budget: €1,000,000
Duration: 1h 47min
Video type: Movie
A young Albanian emigrant is precariously caught in Amsterdam among the promise and allure of the rich city, threats of ruthless Albanian drug dealers and sex traffickers and his white marriage with a Dutch girl. At the heart of this lies a true love in his poor and backward country. Bekim, 30, will do anything to make fast money. He instead, returns to his country empty handed after giving up his last Euros to save a young girl at the windows of the red light district.
Credited cast:
James Biberi James Biberi - Van Doom
Carolien Spoor Carolien Spoor - Suzanna
Blerim Destani Blerim Destani - Bekim
Dritan Kastrati Dritan Kastrati - Deki
Lykele Muus Lykele Muus - Johan
Natasha Goulden Natasha Goulden - Anna
Renne Gjoni Renne Gjoni - Grijs
Flonja Kodheli Flonja Kodheli - Marta
Olta Gixhari Olta Gixhari - Dora
Bujar Lako Bujar Lako - Selim
Raimonda Bulku Raimonda Bulku - Vjollca (as Rajmonda Bullku)
Irena Mecaj Irena Mecaj - Albana
Gerti Ferra Gerti Ferra - Roni
Vasian Lami Vasian Lami - Elezi
Gjenovefa Redhi Gjenovefa Redhi - Shqipe