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The Old Organist (1912) HD online

The Old Organist (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: The Old Organist
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
Mary and her old father, the village organist, live by themselves. A stranger, Deering, appears in the little community, and falls in love with the country girl. He asks her hand in marriage, but the old organist asks for a day's consideration. On entering his church for the evening service, he discovers Deering in an intoxicated condition, and tells his daughter. Deering is a noted New York crook who has selected this village for a temporary retirement from his scenes of lawlessness. Deering entices Mary to elope with him and she consents. They go to New York and Deering joins his old pals and Mary becomes the victim of his brutality. At length Deering throws his unfortunate wife out of the miserable home, and the poor girl determines to return to the village. In the meantime Deering and his pals have a falling out, and Deering is killed. The old organist is about to start for the city in search of his child, when overcome by his unwonted exertions, he dies peacefully in the old seat...
Cast overview:
Louise Vale Louise Vale - Mary

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    A village story dramatically presented. The chief characters are the old organist, his daughter and a city man who has come to the country for "his health;" the police would like to get him for burglary. This criminal, of good appearance, and the girl fall in love. Her father distrusts him, but nevertheless, the man compels the girl to leave home with him by threatening to blow out his brains if she doesn't (a rather weak scene) and then her misery begins. The old organist's part is finely conceived and the girl's sad homecoming to find him dead is certainly effective. The acting is highly commendable, being simple and natural. It is a good, substantial offering. - The Moving Picture World, October 5, 1912