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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama
Original Title: Khozhdenie po mukam
Video type: TV Series
Swept up in political unrest during World War I, two sisters in St. Petersburg cope with turbulent romances as Russian history is made around them.
Series cast summary:
Yuliya Snigir Yuliya Snigir - Katya Bulavina 12 episodes, 2017
Anna Chipovskaya Anna Chipovskaya - Dasha Bulavina 12 episodes, 2017
Leonid Bichevin Leonid Bichevin - Ivan Ilich Telegin 12 episodes, 2017
Andrey Merzlikin Andrey Merzlikin - Arkadi Zhadov 6 episodes, 2017
Aleksandr Yatsenko Aleksandr Yatsenko - Aleksei Krasilnikov / - 6 episodes, 2017
Sergey Koltakov Sergey Koltakov - Doktor Dmitri Bulavin 6 episodes, 2017
Pavel Trubiner Pavel Trubiner - Vadim Roschin 5 episodes, 2017
Svetlana Khodchenkova Svetlana Khodchenkova - Liza Rastorgueva 5 episodes, 2017
Evgeniy Stychkin Evgeniy Stychkin - Nestor Makhno 5 episodes, 2017
Dmitriy Dyuzhev Dmitriy Dyuzhev - Mamont Dalsky 5 episodes, 2017

The actors frequently had to endure being wet and cold while shooting. After the episode of jewelry store's robbery, where the characters need to escape the chase, actor Andrey Merzlikin had to pour water out of his boots.

When battles were being shot at least five makeup artists worked on the set - after every scene they were the ones to cover actors with more scars, blood and bruises. But all the dirt and soot on the faces was real, caused by pyrotechnic visual effects.

To create the effect of multilayered smoke while filming the battles between the Red Army and the Volunteer Army the pyrotechnicians had burned more than 1000 car tires.

Not only actors were inspired with the atmosphere of the early 20th century, but also the whole film crew. Film production assistant Lev Filenko had even ordered a replica of the uniform of the Civil War times via the online store of retro clothing.

Also known as The Road to Calvary (2017)

Battle between the Red and the White Armies. There used to be up to 500 people in shot, among them not less than 30-50 stuntmen.

While filming battle scenes the pyrotechnic crew used nitrate, cement and other substances.

Assistant costume designers were always present on the film set: after every scene they had to check that shirts don't get wrinkled and the collars stay buttoned.

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    Finally, a captivating, artistic series from Netflix. Adaptation of Tolstoy in Russia by Russians. Important to see the perspective of early 20th century art from Russia, where most often we see this explosion of artistic fervor depicted in Paris or other enlightened European cities. Here we see a Picasso in a home in St Petersburg, we watch the debates of the poets in university, we feel the electric change in the air. A nostalgia one feels for the epoch of the poet, the collective draw to the expressions of the artist. And we are given an honest look into the soul of Russia that so transcends political bruhaha. Thanks to whoever got this series to us in the epoch of Ant Man and Spider Man.
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    I'm sorry, I just loved it. The costumes, the locations, the beautiful women and great combat scenes. Some of the acting was great, none of it less than good. Story moved at a nice pace.
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    Oh my word, what a series! This 12 episode series, based on Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoys book trilogy The Road To Calvary ( originally written in Russian ) was enthralling, beautiful, touching and heart wrenching. It tells the story of the two Bulavina sisters and their lives as they live through the 1st World war and the Russian revolution. It's a film about love. It's about the love of sisters, of their lovers, of their friends, of the love of country and ideology. It even has time for some Bonny and Clyde action. Whilst being sentimental and romantic, it stays away from sex scenes or any nudity at all. It does paint a bleak picture of the vulnerability of women on their own in places of conflict and deals with rape and violence without being too explicit or gory. There are strong scenes of battles which show the physical consequences of bombs and bullets whilst not being overly graphic. In the final episode there is a scene of children being mudered in an executional style shooting by War Lord, which may upset some. This is an epic series and covers different aspects of family politics and the meaning of friendship. It doesn't hold back from showing the torment and human cost of a revolution. If I was to be hyper critical it would be that 10 episodes not 12 would have been sufficient but a series based on a book trilogy might find it hard to be edited that way. If you like history and romance this film is for you and if I have 3 days free I might even watch it again!
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    I am a person who watches a lot of foreign films and series and I found a very good Russian one on Netflix. It's a story that most Americans will not understand, because very few people here know anything about Russian history or would want to take the time to know it. And to appreciate this 12 part mini series, you would have to know that after the Czar was overthrown there was a civil war between, the Reds, the Whites, and many other factions all thinking that they could save mother Russia.

    This is the story of 2 sisters who start in high society, get caught up in WW1 and the aftermath of just trying to survive. It's also a love story and done very well. Highly recommended to those who like a well done historical drama.
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    This historical drama set in the early 20th centery was beautifully presented with outstanding creativity, skills, profoundity and workmanship. Acting, costumes, story - great work!
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    An epic depiction of the chaotic times of the Russian revolution. Production values are excellent as are the actors. I was especially impressed with how well the series showed the highly complex reactions of the Russian people of all classes to the constantly shifting politics and allegiances of this dreadful time. I don't speak much Russian, but it was a joy to hear it spoken ...the subtitles in English seemed very good
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    Excellent, binge-watchable series. Not an art film, despite other comment here. Characters well developed and battle scenes well done.
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    I love this miniseries, seems like a high quality movie, acting, music, writing, decorations ,costumes ,all combined is just superb. Directing and cinematography is superb also. I will not go into details , don't like spoilers myself, but if you like history drama with all the necessary ingredients such as love , politics , war, suspense , interesting story-line , than just sit back and enjoy this mini series.
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    Netflix gave us Kurt v Sura which was the best until the Road to Calvary came along. It has everything: great acting, beautiful cinematography, perfect music score, history, costumes, love, war and on and on. Too bad Hollywood doesn't produce film like this. I am on my second go around watching this, and continue to get more and more out of it. The whole thing is timeless. You do not have to be a Russophile to enjoy it, but after watching you might become one!
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    lucky kitten

    No, not from crying (although I am sure there was plenty of that from other viewers). No, red eyes from lack of sleep. This is one of those multi-part series where I had to tell myself multiple times - "it's 5AM, you MUST stop watching and go to bed. You can pick it up again tomorrow."

    Production values are incredible. Sets! Costumes! Characters! I have been doing a lot of reading about WWI and the Russian Revolution lately, and that series transported me back to that time, place, and atmosphere totally. In this era of cynicism and jadedness, who of we viewers didn't roll our eyes a few times at the naievte of the poetry?

    I have no negative comments. However, I can speak a little Russian, and I should warn anyone who has yet to view this wonder that there are a LOT of characters and sometimes it's tricky to keep track of eveyone's name and relationships. You might want to keep a list. LOL
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    You will be transported to pre WW1 Russia in this extremely high quality TV series. If you know a little history, you will be on the edge of your seat knowing what horrors are about to unfold. The story focuses on two loving sisters, two women lucky enough to be aristocratic with kind hearts and highly educated. Their fate is closely connected with the men in their lives, and the opposing political forces unfolding. You will truly understand how the world evolved after this time, the idealism of the Bolshevics and how that went horribly wrong, and you will feel for the young sisters as horrible as their world becomes, it will only get worse. There are lessons here for current times. Watch out for the slow loss of liberties and push back. This series is astonishingly good. The russian languge is a pleasure to listen to and the subtitles are hardly noticeable. Dont miss it.
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    This is an excellent series, both gripping and emotional without being melodramatic. Acting, script, direction, cinematography, use of music --everything is very well executed.
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    A story of the Horrible days during the WW 1 and the Bolshevik revolution . good story and episodes drama.
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    A superb historical drama in all respects. Amazing cinematography, sets, music, costumes, epic scenes that transfer us to Russia in this turbulent time of its history. As it's based on the book by Alexey Tolstoy, credits for the story and the characters should be given to him. What captured me was the depth and realistic depiction of the heroes. Their conflicting emotions and responses to the unexpected and sudden turn of events that are out of their control. It is not just a "love story" as some viewers have called it; that would be degrading to the story itself. It is a story about Russia, the people who claiming / believing they love it did horrible things in the name of this love. It is not a coincidence that all the characters, who represent all different social classes and interests, say the same: "We do it for Russia", "We have to save the motherland", "We need a new Russia". All well-said and well-intended but with the consequences that history showed this "love" had.
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    Yes, I can see how this will cause the usual suspects to convulse in ecstasy. Not my thing, I'm afraid. Too Mother Russia, too arsty-farsty, too rich for my blood. My loss, I'm sure. But you know what they say, 'It takes all sorts to make the world.'

    So, much joy may this bring to the eggheads, but this phillistine is moving on to other things.

    Oh, by the way. The author of the book on which this series is based is Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy, not Leo Tolstoy - the author of Anna Karenina, among other novels - although the former's father was remotely related to the latter.

    I hope this does not disappoint anyone.
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    Bed sheet hooded muggers on springs? GTFOH! I really wished that I had learned Russian so as not to be drawn away from the characters! A Downton Abbey spin-off to a T!