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Champs of the Chase (1954) HD online

Champs of the Chase (1954) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Short
Original Title: Champs of the Chase
Director: Jean Yarbrough
Writers: Hal Fimberg,John Grant
Released: 1954
Duration: 9min
Video type: Movie
Nine minutes lifted out of In Society (1945) and released in 16mm & 8mm to the pre-VCR home movie market.
Cast overview:
Bud Abbott Bud Abbott - Eddie (archive footage)
Lou Costello Lou Costello - Albert (archive footage)
Margaret Irving Margaret Irving - Mrs. Roger Winthrop (archive footage)
Tom Fadden Tom Fadden - The Fireman (archive footage)
Ann Gillis Ann Gillis - Mrs. Winthrop's Daughter (archive footage)
Kirby Grant Kirby Grant - (scenes deleted) (archive footage)
Marion Hutton Marion Hutton - (scenes deleted) (archive footage)

This film was usually sold outright to the public in photo and department stores or by mail order. It was available in 8mm (and later, Super 8mm) and 16mm.

This Castle Films release was available in two versions: Complete Edition (about 10 minutes) and a Headline Edition (about 3 minutes).

This film was available until approximately 1977 when Castle Films began liquidating in response to the upcoming home video revolution.