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Kauhua kryptasta Three's a Crowd (1989–1996) HD online

Kauhua kryptasta Three's a Crowd (1989–1996) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Crime / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Threeu0027s a Crowd
Director: David Burton Morris
Writers: Steven Dodd,Kim Steven Ketelsen
Released: 1989–1996
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
A married couple is trying to enjoy their anniversary. However, the husband is sure his wife is cheating on him.
Episode cast overview:
Gavan O'Herlihy Gavan O'Herlihy - Richard
Ruth de Sosa Ruth de Sosa - Della
Paul Lieber Paul Lieber - Alan
John Kassir John Kassir - Crypt Keeper (voice)
Dante D'Andre Dante D'Andre - Alvarez

Reviews: [10]

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    Richard and his wife Della go to their friend Alan's scenic estate for their 10th Anniversary. Then, we watch as things get real ugly.

    Gavan O'Herlihy is amazing in this episode as Richard, a man on the edge. He suspects his wife is cheating on him with Alan, and he hates his friend Alan's wealth and success.

    The episode is handsomely shot, and it has a classy musical score by Jan Hammer. It's kind of like The Shining of Tales From The Crypt episodes. A man having trouble living with himself.

    The rest writes itself in one of the most well done Crypt episodes. Atmospheric, dark and clever... Three's a Crowd is a must see episode.
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    "Three's a Crowd" is one of the best and better crypt episodes due to it's surprise and shocking twist at the end. The plot is well done also, starting with a man named Richard(Gavan O' Herlihy) who's depressed and an alcoholic who's having money problems with his wife Della(Ruth De Sosa) he's just so down in the dumps. The problems are complicated more though because of the couples problem of conceiving a child, that worries Richard that Della will soon leave him. Then when old high school friend Alan(Paul Lieber) shows up to treat the couple to a weekend vacation at a cabin resort per him, then the jealously sets in from Richard who simply doesn't have the money to compete with Alan he then worries about losing Ruth for good. Alan only means good intentions though, but the reactions from Richard turn brutal and violent. The ending of this episode is shocking such a surprise twist that will leave you stunned, it teaches the moral lesson always think before you act because when dealing with friends and spouses surprises are common and in this case very unlucky for Richard!
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    Tales from the Crypt: Three's a Crowd starts as the 10th wedding anniversary of Richard (Gavan O'Herlihy) & Della (Ruth de Sosa) is fast approaching, Alan (Paul Lieber) a rich friend has given them his beautiful holiday log cabin for a few days as a present. However Richard is insanely jealous & paranoid as Della only seems interested in spending time with the rich Alan rather than himself, Richard's suspicions are raised even more by Della & Alan's behaviour. That night Richard drinks like a fish & finally snaps...

    This Tales from the Crypt story was episode 5 from season 2, directed by David Burton Morris I thought this was an average tale from the crypt that was watchable as most are but nothing special. The script by Kim Ketelsen & Annie Willette which was based on a comic book story in 'Shock SuspenStories' plays more like a marital drama for it's majority & is only really saved by the expected satisfying twist ending which is a good one if a bit predictable, Three's a Crowd has a very serious tone to it & doesn't have the dark comic feeling that many Tales from the Crypt episodes do. It's still a decent little story that's a perfectly entertaining way to pass 30 odd minutes.

    This episode is pretty straight laced, there's no fancy visuals & it's a bit flat at times as it develops the character's & Richard's suspicions. There's not much gore, someone is shot with an arrow, someone is strangled & there's some blood splatter but it's fairly tame. The acting is alright from an unknown cast, to me anyway.

    Three's a Crowd is an OK tale from the crypt, it's not the show's finest 30 odd minutes but it's watchable enough all the same.
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    Eschewing the show's trademark playful black humor and fantastic supernatural elements for a more grimly serious tone, this particular episode for the most part comes across as a bleak and plausible domestic drama. Insecure failure Richard (a first-rate performance by Gavan O'Herlithy) suspects that his wife Della (well played by Ruth de Sosa) is having an affair with his wealthy and successful friend Alan (a fine turn by Paul Lieber). Filled with rage and jealousy, Richard decides to exact a harsh revenge on the two of them. Director David Burton Morris, who also co-wrote the crafty and engrossing script by Kim Steven Ketelsen and Annie Wilette, does an ace job of gradually building a considerable amount of nerve-wracking tension that culminates in a startling climax punctuated by shocking moments of brutal violence and capped off by a spot-on bitterly ironic surprise ending which packs quite a devastating emotional gut punch (and the fact that everything which occurs is within the real of possibility makes it that much more jolting and disturbing). The uniformly strong acting really carries the day here, with O'Herlithy in particular superbly nailing the pain and anguish of his angry and frustrated character with heart-wrenching acuity and conviction. Both Jan Hammer's elegant piano score and Jack Wallner's crisp noirish cinematography further enhance the overall sterling quality of this welcome and praiseworthy change of pace outing.
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    The first two-thirds of Three's a Crowd doesn't particularly feel like a Tales from the Crypt episode; indeed, it works very well as a study of marital isolation and the paranoia of the protagonist, and the whole thing is played dead serious. The main problem with the episode is that the ending feels like a different story than the beginning. The protagonist (I forgot his name) is played for sympathy at the beginning, and seems more depressed at the notion of his wife having an affair than angry or vengeful, which is why I didn't completely buy his resorting to murder at the end. Also, the twist is more or less predictable. On the plus side, the acting is good, the score is one of the best ever for a Crypt episode, and the story is pretty engrossing, if you don't mind an unexpectedly introspective conflict that doesn't immediately resort to slice-and-dice dark humor.
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    Another excellent episode that is annoying for the most part, but has a brilliant pay-off at the end. I knew that they weren't cheating all along, but I did not expect it to end like this. He killed his own child! ouch. I wanted to see him die, though. he must be the most annoying character since the old man in 'Collection Completed'.

    Another thing that makes the episode so good is the psychological aspect. You can see why Richard was driven mad, it's not like his wife and friend were making it seem like they weren't. They could have given him hints at least, and she could have yelled out to him about her pregnancy instead of just letting him kill her.

    The end was brilliant, but also a little disturbing. Was he planning to have sex with her corpse?
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    Clever, nasty and grimy episode. Well-acted by relatively unknown leads. The twist at the end turns everything on its head. Even the title acquires a second meaning. *** out of 4.
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    An early entry in the show's second season finds a drunken, down-on-his-luck man who is insanely jealous and overprotective of his pretty young wife. After going on an anniversary trip with their friend, the man becomes more and more unstable as he suspects that his wife is being unfaithful...with their friend. Is he right? Has he lost it? Or is a rather appropriate EC ending waiting right around the corner? The pace is seemingly deliberately slow and there is a lack of blood and sensuality that seems to be a Tales constant, but the climax is it's saving grace as it is revealed as one of the most tragic and shocking endings of the entire series run.
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    A married couple is celebrating their anniversary. Richard (Gavan O'Herlihy) is 100% positive his wife (Ruth DeSosa) of 10 years is cheating on him with an old flame (Paul Lieber) Richard is also close to becoming an alcoholic, and it makes his jealousy turn into an obsession. This episode is fairly enjoyable. It's never boring, and it has some decent atmosphere. I just didn't feel it had anything special going for it. It lacks the luster that I've become accustomed with. This was the second episode in a row that didn't have a major star appear in it. It didn't really matter much in the whole scheme of things, because the acting was excellent. Gavan O'Herilhy was tremendous as the husband with a jealous rage. I pitied him and felt sorry for him at the same time. As a fellow reviewer pointed out, he kinda resembles Gary Busey. Ruth DeSosa resembles Laura Dern as well. I had trouble warming up to Ruth. She could have done much more to alleviate Richard's anxieties. I battle obsessive anxiety, so I felt Richard's pain. She didn't do much, aside from promise to never leave him. There is a twist ending, and it's delightfully sick. It's a really saddening ending. Unfortunately, I saw it coming a mile away. If you pay close enough attention it shouldn't be that hard to figure out. I felt a little cold after this was over. It's fairly enjoyable, the performances were terrific, but it felt rather derivative. It's well worth a watch, just not one of my favorites

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    Okay so first of all, this story is not unique, people do crazy things out of love all the time. But if you ever needed a story about jealousy - this one's a real pip! There is no "fun" to this tale, it's very likely the grimmest and bleakest one of them all. There's a nice slow build of tension. I love the grand and chilling music that accompanies the events. You know that it's far too obvious for the wife to be cheating, and you perhaps can guess how it's going to end, but you definitely don't expect the little extra surprise at the finale. That was one of the very best things of this show, the tales where you were genuinely surprised. It's a bad one, too. Certainly there were other episodes that were deadly serious and and nasty fates befalling complete innocents: Man who was Death, Fitting Punishment, Mute witness to Murder etc. But even those tales had a saving grace of sorts to them in the form of the dark ironic sense of humour, or of course the villain getting their just desserts, something or other would buffer the horror, make you aware that you're basically watching a horror comic come to life that is not meant to be taken too seriously. Three's a Crowd has no such distancing elements and thus is a bit of an anomaly to the series. You could say it's the tale that goes too far... I thought Gavin 'O Herlihy did a terrifyingly terrific job in his portrayal of an insecure and jealous alcoholic who grows increasingly insane over the course of the story. He's so scary in the later scenes when his face is all horrible and twisted up as his mind collapses completely. I know where the episode goes a little off for me. It's just a little too unpleasantly ugly when Richard is throttling his perfectly innocent and helpless wife. And then, to add unspeakable insult to hideous injury, it turns out he also murders the little baby to be he thought he could never give her. So mercilessly nasty and brutal. You never get that in anything and with good reason, it is admittedly pretty sick. It's just too horrifying a twist to be enjoyable. You kind of feel bad for everyone. Usually at least one person gets what they deserved but this is so wrong all round. So sad, it was all just a misunderstanding... I thought Ruth De Sosa was good in her role as the unfortunate Della. She was okay for the first half, but I thought she was excellent in the scenes where she's all terrified and panicking, fleeing for her life. The gal could really scream and the energy of her performance really grabs you and pulls you in the moment. She sure didn't do to well under pressure. Also, she didn't seem too bright regarding the jealousy of her husband. That's a little annoying. As if she wouldn't have told him the truth, seeing how unglued he was clearly becoming. That part of the story was a bit far-fetched. Horror logic.. It's a cautionary tale - always look before you leap! This one leaves a bad taste, but it is effective in its horendousness, and it works. Unpleasant, but also memorable for it. Take care now.