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Empty Arms (1920) HD online

Empty Arms (1920) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Empty Arms
Director: Frank Reicher
Writers: Willard King Bradley,Willard King Bradley
Released: 1920
Duration: 1h
Video type: Movie
Diane Summers' mother died giving birth to her, and Diane has been terrified of the same thing happening to her if she becomes pregnant. When her boyfriend Bruce Gordon proposes to her, she agrees to marry him on one condition--that the marriage never be consummated so that she will never have children. Gordon agrees, but soon finds the situation unbearable and leaves her. Diane, seeing how happy other women are with their children, finally changes her mind about not having children of her own, and sets out to find her husband and inform him. However, the train she's on is derailed and she is "rescued" by Phillip Darnton, who has his own plans for Diane--and they don't include bringing her back to her husband.
Cast overview:
Gail Kane Gail Kane - Diane Summers
Thurston Hall Thurston Hall - Bruce Gordon
J. Herbert Frank J. Herbert Frank - Philip Darnton
Irene Blackwell Irene Blackwell - Frances Kingsley
Warren Chandler Warren Chandler - Randolph Hayes
Howard Truesdale Howard Truesdale - Gregory Summers (as Howard Truesdell)
Beverly Bruce Beverly Bruce
Princess Kelvah Princess Kelvah