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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Action / Comedy / Horror
Original Title: The Project
Budget: $5,000
Duration: 1h 12min
Video type: TV Series
Four women, a smuggler, a hacker, a con artist and an accountant, are recruited by a secret organization known only as "The Project," to seek out and destroy supernatural and demonic threats.
Series cast summary:
Trey Bayer Trey Bayer - Hank 1 episode, 2019
Dane Berkshire Dane Berkshire - Joy / - 1 episode, 2019
Russell Blankman Russell Blankman - Merc 1 episode, 2019
Jason Lee Boyson Jason Lee Boyson - Agent Banner 1 episode, 2019
Donnell Brown Donnell Brown - Intern Bob 1 episode, 2019
Greg Camacho Greg Camacho - Mugger 1 episode, 2019
Marc Daratt Marc Daratt - Mason 1 episode, 2019
Jane Dare Haas Jane Dare Haas - Colleen 1 episode, 2019
Marqui Leanno Marqui Leanno - Malek 1 episode, 2019
Carlos Leos Carlos Leos - Thomas 1 episode, 2019
Brett William Mauser Brett William Mauser - Mike 1 episode, 2019
Kevin Miller Kevin Miller - Agent Steel 1 episode, 2019
Katrina Nash Katrina Nash - Rose 1 episode, 2019
Yessica Organista Yessica Organista - Abby 1 episode, 2019
Jeff Price Jeff Price - Jeff 1 episode, 2019
Cristina Cruz Rodríguez Cristina Cruz Rodríguez - Ajay 1 episode, 2019
Brad Scribner Brad Scribner - Stan 1 episode, 2019
Allie Smith Allie Smith - Worm 1 episode, 2019
Curtis Smith Curtis Smith - Agent Smith 1 episode, 2019
Leon Venson Leon Venson - Malek 1 episode, 2019
Denise Villarreal Denise Villarreal - Zoe 1 episode, 2019
Gidget White Gidget White - Mehnkah 1 episode, 2019

Reviews: [3]

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    This is the worst thing I've ever watched. Every aspect of the show is terrible. I can only hope there isn't a second episode.
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    Holy cow, this is bad. I was going to ask which high school project this was, but I would've felt bad insulting a high school project. The sets are cheesy, the lighting looks like it was done with $10 flashlights, the acting wooden, the special effects look like a drawing your kid hung on the fridge. I hope that whoever bank-rolled this didn't invest all of their kids college fund to make it.
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    Well, not in this case, because it's so bad, it's bad! I don't see anyone picking this up as a series, clearly this was a pilot for the show, but I don't see it going pass this stage and if it does, I'll be shocked!