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The Weakling (1914) HD online

The Weakling (1914) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Short
Original Title: The Weakling
Director: Kenean Buel
Released: 1914
Video type: Movie
Nancy, daughter of Judge Berry, devotes her time to the education of the illiterate mountaineers. Litt Largin, whose physical cowardice has won for him the nickname of "The Weakling," is her brightest pupil. Litt's brother Dave falls in love with Nance. The girl despises Dave and is later insulted by him in the presence of Litt, who fears to interfere. Later however Litt rescues Nancy when she struggles to free herself from Dave's embrace. The two brothers engage in a desperate battle. Dave is beaten down. Fearing he has killed his brother, Litt flees. Dave recovers. Nancy traces Litt and persuades her father to send him to college. There, Litt's cowardice again makes him an object of contempt, but he graduates at the head of his class. Nancy and her father attend the commencement exercises. The girl promises to wed Litt. A sneak thief enters the cloakroom of the building. Nancy enters the room just as he is about to escape with his loot. Litt finds her confronting the crook, but his ...
Cast overview:
Alice Joyce Alice Joyce - Nancy Berry
Tom Moore Tom Moore - Litt Largin - Younger Son
Henry Hallam Henry Hallam - Judge Berry - Nancy's Father
John Mackin John Mackin - Large Largin - Litt's Father (as John E. Mackin)
Jere Austin Jere Austin - Dave Largin - Eldest Son

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    Kenean Buell, who produced this picture, "The Weakling," had to tell graphically a story with sufficient human significance and has made of it a very desirable offering, full of merit. The picture sets before us the troubles of a youth richly endowed by nature, but sorely tried by lack of physical courage until, at the end, he overcomes the defect, winning thereby the girl of his choice. As a whole it is a very fine offering though a bit too long at the end. Kenean Buell, who produced it, is deserving of very high commendation. - The Moving Picture World, July 4, 1914