» » Au-delà du réel - l'aventure continue Judgment Day (1995–2002)

Au-delà du réel - l'aventure continue Judgment Day (1995–2002) HD online

Au-delà du réel - l'aventure continue Judgment Day (1995–2002) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Judgment Day
Director: Brad Turner
Writers: A L Katz,Scott Nimerfro
Released: 1995–2002
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Episode
A reality television show has members of murder victims' families hunt the killers, becoming their executioners. The quest for ratings makes the hunt all the more desperate for all parties involved.
Episode cast overview:
Chris Elliott Chris Elliott - Jack Parson
Ian Tracey Ian Tracey - Declan McMahon
Nicole Oliver Nicole Oliver - Heather Cattrell
Kevin McNulty Kevin McNulty - Everett Costello
Vincent Gale Vincent Gale - Dooley McMahon
Molly Ringwald Molly Ringwald - Allison Channing
Peter Kelamis Peter Kelamis - Stan Draper
Judith Maxie Judith Maxie - Judge Peale
Louis Chirillo Louis Chirillo - Cheech
Jennifer Sterling Jennifer Sterling - Detective Meacham
Colin Foo Colin Foo - Mr. Chow
Tony Alcantar Tony Alcantar - Director

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    From the time the movie "Network" came out, we have been privy to the deterioration of the television networks. The anything-for-a-buck mentality has infested the air. This is a logical result of all that. It's a reality show called "Judgment Day" where a convicted killer gets the option of being pursued by the network in the name of the victim instead of facing the death penalty. Someone wronged by this person gets to hunt them down with the help of some high- tech devices. The network helps in the process and the people on TV are set up for the "kill shot." Unfortunately, for the guy who is the focus of this episode, he is not guilty. What we see is a nut case producer, played by Chris Elliot, throwing all caution to the wind. He has lost any semblance of compassion or restrain. He involves himself way beyond the normal limits of even this dreadful show. Of course, the ratings are through the roof as people sit in their homes wanting to see these horrors play out. This is well done and the show itself is done in a realistic mode that is convincingly television as we know it. It also has a moral lesson for us.