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To Catch a Killer Cold Case #69-52: Jacqueline English (2014– ) HD online

To Catch a Killer Cold Case #69-52: Jacqueline English (2014– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Reality TV
Original Title: Cold Case #69-52: Jacqueline English
Released: 2014–
Duration: 44min
Video type: TV Episode
Following the death of a retired police detective, his son finds a treasure trove of information on the case he was obsessed with solving. Can the team unravel the cryptic clues he left behind and find her killer?
Episode credited cast:
Michael Arntfield Michael Arntfield - Himself
Antonella Magnatta Antonella Magnatta - Herself
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Peter Leimbigler Peter Leimbigler - Himself
Renee Willmon Renee Willmon - Herself

The team creates a geographic profile utilizing Rossmo's Formula. Created by a former Vancouver police detective, significant locations are plotted as points on a map such as where English was abducted, her body recovered and various places where her personal belonging were found. The formula uncannily predicts the most probable "home base" for the perpetrator leading investigators practically, and sometimes literally, to the suspects front door.

An expert in the science of facial perception from Brock University compared a police sketch made in 1969 from a description by a witness who saw a man in the Metropolitan department store where English was a server on the night she disappeared to a photo of the suspect. There were some definite similarities but also enough reason for doubt that the sketch may not be of the man who abducted and killed English.

The suspect that the team identified in 2014 was recognized by the victims family as the same person who they had brought to the attention of the local police shortly after the murder. Shockingly, the police at the time were very dismissive and never followed up on the lead,

The final report of the civilian investigators links English's slaying with the deaths of Lynda White, 19, who went missing in 1968 and Soraya O'Connell, 15, who vanished in 1970. The report suggests that the person responsible was a sexually motivated serial killer with an attraction to corpses who was willing to travel long distances and may have kept souvenirs of his slayings. The killer would also deposit his victims personal belongings in various locations far away from the eventual spots where the bodies were found.