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Blob (2017) HD online

Blob (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Blob
Director: Braden Pruss
Writers: Braden Pruss
Released: 2017
Duration: 12min
Video type: Movie
It's the early 2000's, an inescapable technology company called The Network has launched their 'app store.' Thus far, the most impressive release is a game akin to Brick Breaker. But then Jordan, a 21-year-old "computer science hermit," develops an artificial intelligence speech therapy software (named Blob). He designed it to help children and also bring him acceptance. After an amusing presentation of Blob at a tech showcase, the crowd instantly adores Blob while pushing Jordan to the figurative wings of the stage. Everyone is either conversing with Blob by using Blob's Friend Mode or talking about Blob. The snickers of everyone surrounding Jordan reboot his chronic paranoia and launch him into hostile disputes against users. Disheartened, Jordan struggles to find anyone who needs Blob amidst the mosaic of crude Blob videos.
Credited cast:
Jacob Ellis Jacob Ellis - Jordan
Amanda Michelle Foschia Amanda Michelle Foschia - Monica
Sylvia Kolb Sylvia Kolb - Emily
Michelle Magpiong Michelle Magpiong - Blob