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Zigoto, King of Detectives (1911) HD online

Zigoto, King of Detectives (1911) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Zigoto, King of Detectives
Released: 1911
Video type: Movie
Everybody behind the scenes is busy making up the clever danseuse. Midst her hustle to get ready she has time, however, to receive a valuable necklace from her stage Johnny, an English lord admirer. In her excitement to respond to her cue, she rushes from the room, dropping her pearl's in an undergarment, and returns to find to her alarm, that the jewels have disappeared. She consults the aid and ability of the famous detective, Zigoto. This noted sleuth commissions his two cleverest subordinates, Detectives Fuzzle and Summer. The former takes a map, on a bench under a side window of the theater, the other uproots everything and person in his search. In the meantime the lord buys the actress an exact duplicate. Summer spies him, mistakes him for the thief, and leads him as prisoner to the detective bureau. Fuzzle finds the necklace, which had been dropped from above as the maid was shaking out the undergarment. With his prize in hand, he also reports to the bureau, arriving ...
Cast overview:
Lucien Bataille Lucien Bataille - Zigoto

Released in the US as a split reel along with the comedy Calino et ses pensionnaires (1911).

Original French title is undetermined.