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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama / History / Romance / War
Original Title: War u0026 Peace
Duration: 6h 19min
Video type: TV Series
As the Russian conflict with Napoleon reaches its peak, five aristocratic families face the possibility of their lives being changed forever.


Series cast summary:
Paul Dano Paul Dano - Pierre Bezukhov 6 episodes, 2016
James Norton James Norton - Andrei Bolkonsky 6 episodes, 2016
Lily James Lily James - Natasha Rostova 6 episodes, 2016
Adrian Edmondson Adrian Edmondson - Count Ilya Rostov 6 episodes, 2016
Aisling Loftus Aisling Loftus - Sonya Rostova 6 episodes, 2016
Greta Scacchi Greta Scacchi - Countess Natalya Rostova 6 episodes, 2016
Jack Lowden Jack Lowden - Nikolai Rostov 6 episodes, 2016
Tuppence Middleton Tuppence Middleton - Helene Bezukhova / - 6 episodes, 2016
Aneurin Barnard Aneurin Barnard - Boris Drubetskoy 6 episodes, 2016
Jessie Buckley Jessie Buckley - Marya Bolkonskaya 6 episodes, 2016
Olivia Ross Olivia Ross - Mademoiselle Bourienne 6 episodes, 2016
Tom Burke Tom Burke - Fedya Dolokhov 6 episodes, 2016
Jim Broadbent Jim Broadbent - Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky 6 episodes, 2016
Callum Turner Callum Turner - Anatole Kuragin 6 episodes, 2016
Rebecca Front Rebecca Front - Anna Mikhailovna Drubetskaya 5 episodes, 2016
Stephen Rea Stephen Rea - Prince Vassily Kuragin 5 episodes, 2016
Chloe Pirrie Chloe Pirrie - Julie Karagina / - 5 episodes, 2016
Mathieu Kassovitz Mathieu Kassovitz - Napoleon Bonaparte 4 episodes, 2016
Matthew Stagg Matthew Stagg - Nikolushka 4 episodes, 2016
Emily Taaffe Emily Taaffe - Katya 4 episodes, 2016
Thomas Arnold Thomas Arnold - Vassily Denisov 4 episodes, 2016
Gillian Anderson Gillian Anderson - Anna Pavlovna Scherer 4 episodes, 2016
Rory Keenan Rory Keenan - Bilibin 4 episodes, 2016
Brian Cox Brian Cox - General Mikhail Kutuzov 4 episodes, 2016
Jolyon Coy Jolyon Coy - Kaisorov 4 episodes, 2016
David Quilter David Quilter - Tikhon 4 episodes, 2016
Ben Lloyd-Hughes Ben Lloyd-Hughes - Tsar Alexander 4 episodes, 2016
Otto Farrant Otto Farrant - Petya Rostov 3 episodes, 2016
Guillaume Faure Guillaume Faure - Napoleon's Adjutant 3 episodes, 2016
Kit Connor Kit Connor - Petya Rostov 3 episodes, 2016
Oscar Pearce Oscar Pearce - Lieutenant Colonel 3 episodes, 2016
Kate Phillips Kate Phillips - Lise Bolkonskaya 3 episodes, 2016
Vesta Gabstaite Vesta Gabstaite - Rostov Maid 3 episodes, 2016
Fenella Woolgar Fenella Woolgar - Catiche Kuragina 3 episodes, 2016

Soundtrack is recorded in a collaboration with choir "Latvia" and Latvian Radio.

Co-producer Harvey Weinstein considers Leo Tolstoy's classic as his favorite novel.

In the book, Natasha's hair is black. For the series, Lily James dyed her natural brunette hair blonde.

James Norton (Prince Andrei) previously played Tommy Lee Royce on Счастливая долина (2014). During series one, his character donned a disguise which included a hat, glasses, and a copy of the novel War and Peace.

Gillian Anderson and Tom Burke has previously appeared together in Большие надежды (2011)

Adrian Edmonson previously starred in Bottom, a recurring joke in which was that his flat mate Richie was constantly reading War & Peace, he complained about the complicated words and how he "knew it was that Russian bloke that did it"

Tom Burke who plays a soldier in the Russian Army also played Napoleon Bonaparte in an episode of The Great Commanders about his command in Toulon.

Paul Dano and Brian Cox both played in Dagur Kári's Good Heart from 2009.

Aneurin Bernard, who plays Boris, recently began filming The Goldfinch, based on the novel by Donna Tarte, where he plays another Boris, who coincidentally, is compared to Bernard's war of peace character of the same name consistently throughout the book.

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