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All's Well That Ends Well (1968) HD online

All's Well That Ends Well (1968) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie
Original Title: Allu0027s Well That Ends Well
Director: John Barton,Claude Whatham
Writers: John Barton,William Shakespeare
Released: 1968
Video type: Movie
Helena loves Bertram, but he's of noble birth, while she's just a doctor's daughter. But Bertram is at the court of the King of France, who is ill, and Helena has a remedy that might cure him and win her the right to marry Bertram. But does Bertram want to marry her?
Cast overview, first billed only:
Catherine Lacey Catherine Lacey - The Countess of Rousillon
Ian Richardson Ian Richardson - Bertram, the Countess's son
Brewster Mason Brewster Mason - The Lord Lafeu
Lynn Farleigh Lynn Farleigh - Helena, the Countess's ward
Alton Kumalo Alton Kumalo - Servant to Bertram
Clive Swift Clive Swift - Captain Parolles, a follower of Bertram
Sebastian Shaw Sebastian Shaw - The King of France
William Eedle William Eedle - First Gentleman attendant upon the King
Peter Rocca Peter Rocca - Second Gentleman
Terence Greenidge Terence Greenidge - Third Gentleman
Hector Ross Hector Ross - Rinaldo, steward to the Countess
Ian Hogg Ian Hogg - Lavache, a clown
Colin McCormack Colin McCormack - First Suitor
Matthew Roberton Matthew Roberton - Second Suitor
James Vallon James Vallon - Third Suitor