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Auggie Rose (2000) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Mystery / Romance
Original Title: Auggie Rose
Director: Matthew Tabak
Writers: Matthew Tabak
Released: 2000
Duration: 1h 49min
Video type: Movie
An insurance salesman's humdrum existence takes a turn when a stranger, ex-con Auggie Rose, unexpectedly dies in his arms. Assuming the identity of the dead man, the salesman embarks on a double life, keeping it secret from his live-in girlfriend.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblum - John Nolan
Anne Heche Anne Heche - Lucy Brown
Nancy Travis Nancy Travis - Carol
Timothy Olyphant Timothy Olyphant - Roy Mason
Joe Santos Joe Santos - Emanuel
Richard T. Jones Richard T. Jones - Officer Decker
Kim Coates Kim Coates - Auggie Rose
Paige Moss Paige Moss - Noreen
Casey Biggs Casey Biggs - Carl
Peter Siragusa Peter Siragusa - Tony
Jack Kehler Jack Kehler - Oscar Weeks
J.E. Freeman J.E. Freeman - Pawn Shop Owner
Douglas Roberts Douglas Roberts - Dr. Sachs
Max Perlich Max Perlich - Landlord
Randall Slavin Randall Slavin - Robber

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    For whatever reason, the original title of this film, "Auggie Rose," was changed to "Beyond Suspicion" for the video. The video title is very misleading, hinting at a dark, film-noir, thriller sort of movie.

    It isn't. While there is one dangerous character who provides obstacles and intriguing possibilities for John, Jeff Goldblum's character, the film is populated by likable, interesting people. Auggie's still-incarcerated former prison cellmate is especially interesting. He's a criminal through and through, yet he has a world-weary wisdom about enjoying the simple things in life that makes him a tragic figure.

    Jeff Goldblum is, as usual, totally wonderful, and Anne Heche struck just the right note in her portrayal of a sweet, kind, but not naive woman who is open and accepting with her love. This is a very well-made exploration of one man's journey into an entirely new way of life.

    See it!
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    One of the markers of a fully realized film is quality casting that extends to the minor characters. Auggie Rose (really, a better title than Beyond Suspicion, and one that stands out as unique from other TV Movie titles- as does the film) is cast well all the way down to the Under 5s. Tabak has written a compelling exploration of the motivating power of guilt and the capacity for reinvention in times of despair. The conclusion is both eerie and unexpected (am I a heel for thinking that- see it and you tell me). But above and beyond the great work on the part of our writer/director and principles (Jeff and Anne do great work)it was delightful to see Richard T. Jones and Max Perlich again, Amy Hill stands out as particularly enjoyable and what can I say, I'll watch Timothy Olyphant any time. If you can't make it the Cinema Village in NYC where it just opened try to catch it wherever you can. Congrats Matthew.
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    If you are someone who is at a pivotal point in their life, if you are in love, in love with love, or just enjoy interesting twists in plot and romance/drama that keeps you glued to the screen, then this movie is for you.

    I feel this is probably the best performance of Jeff Goldblum's career, and I am glad that he took this role on since it probably wasn't the type to gain him a lot of exposure. He made a total fluff film in Independence Day so he is allowed :P Anne Heche is surprisingly good. Wonderful actually, I 'feel in love' with her and all she wanted. I sympathize with taking such a chance for real love.

    The closure provided between Goldblum's character and his 'old life' live in girlfriend was welcome, as they both realized what a sham they were living with before, and that they are happier now.

    I sympathize with Goldblum's character in other jobs I have done/passed up - he was an insurance salesman, screwing over people with things they don't really need, for a check that will never replace the person.

    This movie is a thinker. A story illustrating the human condition. A story about the SEARCH for love and happiness, and what really can make one in love and happy. A story that cuts through the bull (and there is a lot of it!) and reminds you of what is pure and good. It gives you hope. Take the time to see this movie.
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    I just watched this movie, which I had gotten on sale somewhere. The title on the DVD I picked up was "Beyond Suspicion" and I got it "on spec", more on the strength of the two headlining performers and the label "thriller." I guess it was a thriller, at least in some sense, but another comment that places it more in the Twilight Zone category seems more accurate to me. Yet not quite that either: this to me is a strangely charming movie, with good strong acting, fine cinematography, and above all, a great script with plenty of psychological twists and turns ... and a satisfying denouement that is appealing at several levels.

    I hadn't really intended to comment ... I was just looking this up to see what else there might be about this movie on IMDb ... and then realized that I simply had to offer my humble and grateful homage to this exquisite film.
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    This is a truly superb film, and American TV director Matthew Tabak (whoever he is!) should be out there directing big Hollywood movies all the time, as he shows so much talent as the writer and director of this picture that he should be an icon by now. Is there no justice? His absence from the big screen for eight years is as puzzling as that of Gilles Mimouni, who after making 'l'Appartement' simply disappeared. This film is so sensitively and beautifully conceived and scripted, and so dazzlingly directed, that it is a real addition to the true cineaste's most select DVD collection. And all the performances are wonderful. The lead is Jeff Goldblum, in perhaps his finest performance ever. And most exciting of all is the fascinating Anne Heche, who has a face so full of character that she knocks any twenty other actresses into the shade without even trying and doesn't even need plastic surgery (please note, idiot-starlets!). The lighting cameraman has enhanced this by giving her face a mysterious and eerie glow, bordering on the supernatural. Her role is of a girl who seems to have dropped in from the sky anyhow. This film conveys a sense of the invisible forces at work in human destiny, and you can feel the spirits breathing down your neck. Old timer Joe Santos adds a superb character part to the mix. Richard T. Jones is outstanding. Everybody is good. This is a true ensemble success. The recipe for this wholly successful movie seems to have been: 'add some tabak and stir'. The story starts with a traumatic incident in which a man is killed by one of those disgusting little shits with a gun, robbing a deli to pay for his next heroine fix presumably. Jeff Goldblum is there at the time and the man dies in his presence. He becomes obsessed with this man, who was he, why does he have no next of kin who will claim his body, what is the mystery behind his life? This leads to a meeting with the amazing Anne Heche and a confusion of identities for Goldblum, who starts to lead the life of the dead man and abandon his own. It is weird stuff, but totally convincing. The original title of the film 'Auggie Rose' is the name of the dead man, whose identity ends up spanning two different men. If it were not for the intensity of Goldblum and the spellbinding performance by Heche, this film could have flopped. But the writer/director and the stars obviously completely believed in what they were doing, and therefore they pulled it off and have made a film which is really a minor classic.
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    Very nice movie about a guy with a very profitable job, friends and money that doesn't "feel in his skin". This drama/love film makes the people that watch it think of what could be if... they had refused the offer of their live and said well we'll see what will happen- i just want to capture the moment here and now- and as they say in the movie:" Have i done enough" If you are on a mid-way no matter how old you are, no matter where you live or what you work, this is the type of movie for you. Just remember: there will always be another option for you, another way to walk or another person that will love u back. I recommend you watching this. A must see movie !!!
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    I just viewed this film last night on Cinemax and I kept telling myself "This is not supposed to be this good". I loved this film. ...And whoever recommended that if you like this film, you'd like "American Beauty" were right on the mark. The two films are totally different, but they both deal with what happens when certain events serve as a pivotal point for major changes in the lives of two men who need to be jump started. I'm not a big Jeff Goldblum fan, but I really believe this is one of the best things he's ever done and I admire him for taking a role in a film that probably won't get very much attention. Great story and I really loved Anne Heche also. Wonderful experience. Like "American Beauty" as you watch this and the plots gets more and more complex you actually marvel in where you're being taken.
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    Really enjoyed this movie:the slow pace and the very "comfy" feeling the story radiates gives the whole a heart-warming glow.Goldblum is excellent: no overtones in his acting and Anne Heche is outstanding as the cute, rather unsophisticated girl.The deeper meaning? Well, as in "American Beauty", it's about that sudden flash of insight into the dreary everyday routine that prompts a daring individual to start all over again. In the case of "Auggie", there is a happy ending however and although the viewer tends to believe that the final scene will be a repetition of the opening one, he/she is in for a pleasant surprise. This movie is a credit to producers and directors who aim at giving motion pictures a human content and who still believe in moral values.
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    Jeff Goldblum is known for his quirky characters and his off kilter delivery. Once again his quirkiness works in this small gem of a movie. Having no expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by this tale of mistaken identity and rebirth. Jeff Goldblum plays John Nolan, an insurance executive in Armani suits and a rather nice car. His life seems to be idyllic, if not a bit stalled, when a bottle of wine and a bullet change everything. Nolan finds himself drawn to the life and death of a store clerk until he slowly begins to assume the man's life. Why would a successful business man want to step into the shoes of an ex-con? Goldblum's performance makes this life change subltly understandable. Anne Heche, craziness aside, has always been a fine actress and she is great here as the ex-con's pen pal. Sweet and naive she believes in this man and her capriciousness is contagious. She leaves her small town life to live with a man she's never met, but he's not the man she thinks he is. Check this one out for yourself.
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    Let me start by saying that this story line is completely insane! It is not unbelievable, nor is it immature. It is temporarily insane.

    Suffering OCD from a trauma, John (Goldblum) begins demonstrating classic "searching" behavior. He investigates and finally insinuates himself into a situation which is absurd, in a vainglorious attempt to atone for a wrong which he did not commit.

    Honestly, while the story itself was oddly compelling, the key element this work features is the versatility of Goldblum as an actor. He shows a depth and range here which his characters are not usually afforded.

    I felt that this was one of the best performances of his career!

    I cannot wait to see what he does next!

    It rates a 9.4/10 on the "B Scale" from...

    the Fiend :.
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    Wonderful performances and good direction and editing can't save this exercise in sophomoric foolishness. I am always mystified when glowing reviews appear for stories that lack credibility and logic. Tabak gets points for attempting to create a different slant on a man who re-examines his life after a near death experience and doesn't like what he sees, but he backslides when he expects us to believe that this man is going to more enjoy living as an ex-con and taking up with the ex-con's sweet but obviously ditzy pen pal/girlfriend. There are more convincing ways for a man with resources to relieve the boredom and apathy in his life than by deliberately taking up residence in a world where all who live there are trying to escape before they drown in their own doldrums. Instead of helping those in line behind him, Goldblum's character simply moves to the back of the line, but for what? There is no virtue, redemption, or fascinating conclusion in this regression. In fact, the journey is pointless, except as a snapshot of what a 20 year old's rebel fantasy that he'll "never get caught up in middle class b.s." might look like. Most of the time, I felt I was watching a man having a very quiet nervous breakdown, but no, we are reminded again and again that all that is happening is normal behavior. My 4 stars are for the fine acting all around. This movie is a very good study of how highly competent actors can spin gold out of nothing so that while you're watching it, you have the feeling you're looking at something worthwhile. Afterward, you realize how silly it all was.
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    Beyond Suspicion is a different and good movie to watch! Jeff Goldblum, once again put on a fantastic performance! The story is really good. The movie is made pretty good and in My opinion it seemed similar like a Alfred Hitchcock movie! The music by Mark Mancina is very good! If you like Jeff Goldblum, rent this must see movie!
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    Jeff Goldblum has such an excellent command of his emotions. His expressions could almost convey the story without words.

    This film is in no way humdrum; it's a refreshing departure from today's million dollar extravaganzas of all glitz and no substance.
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    Not every movie needs blazing guns or Special FX. This touching film is very good. Also know as Beyond Suspicion, Auggie Rose is a character study that could almost be a classic Twilight Zone episode. I recommend this for serious film fans. Anne Heche and Jeff Goldblum are very good. All the actors are top notch.---alan
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    The first 48 minutes of this movie are... well, there are very few words for it other than boring. once it finally DOES start, it's... underwhelming. some of the performances are even good, such as the consistently impressive Timothy Olyphant, but I agree with another reviewer, Memlets, the title for this movie is EXTREMELY misleading... I watched it(and found it for that matter) under the title of Beyond Suspicion.... why? Exactly WHO was "beyond suspicion" of WHAT? it got a 5 out of 10, were it not for Timothy Olyphant it would have pulled 2 or 3 out of 10...

    BOO on this movie... don't watch it.
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    I saw this film a dozen times one summer when it beguiled me with it gentle tempo and wonderful performances.

    The perplexed midlife of Jeff Goldblums insurance salesman and the fragile childlike wonder of Anne Heches'character set up a beautiful platform for the characters to develop.

    The lead actors give some of their best performances of their careers, Heche in particular captures kind a hopefulness reserved for people who have learned to expect little from life.

    As the audience we know Goldblum isn't Auggie Rose from the first scene and the because of the fragility Heche brings to her character, the tension of the relationship grows perfectly through the film.

    Without giving a deeper summary of the plot and to avoid spoilers, I will simply say the film is worth seeing just for it characters and performances the actors give to bring those characters to life.

    A beautiful and unexpected gem - Highly Recommended.
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    Captain America

    ***SPOILERS*** Bitter sweet and wonderful little movie about a change of identity when a person takes over the life of someone who died his arms.That in order to keep hope alive for dead man's prison pen pal who's to finally visit him and finally see what he looks like. It's when insurance salesman John Noland,Jeff Goldblum,went down to his local deli-liqueur store one evening to buy a bottle of his favorite wine that his life changed forever as well as the store clerk Auggie Rose,Kim Coates, who life abruptly ended. It was Auggie who was gunned down by a hold up man,Randall Slavin, while Noland was pined on the floor just trying to survive. As if something clicked in Noland's mind he decided to do everything he could for the dead Auggie Rose in feeling that he,in having Auggie get him his wine bottle, was somehow responsible for his death!

    Not being able to find a next of kin it's decided by the city morgue officials to have Auggie who was just released from prison, after serving a 20 year sentence for armed robbery,disposed of like a the morning garbage. Nolan going to Auggie's shabby apartment in the L.A slums find a letter addressed to him from his prison pen pal Lucy Brown, Anne Heche, saying how eager she's to meet him the following week.

    Going down to the bus station where Lucy says she'll be arriving Noland instead of telling her the terrible news that Auggie was murdered takes over Auggie's identity and claims to be him! Lucy not realizing that she's being shammed goes along with Nolan's masquerade and before you know it he ends up falling in love with her. Which leads to major complications back at work in the insurance company that he works at as well as with his live in lover Carol, Nancy Travis, who's been waiting for some five year for him to pop the question for her to marry him! What'seven worse ex-convict Roy Mason, Timothy Olyphant, tracks down Noland thinking that he's really Auggie Rose and tries to get him to pull a job with him on the L.A Highway & Transit Department!

    ****SPOILERS**** Living the life of Auggie Rose Noland gets a job as a counter or sandwich man at the McDougall Diner at $6.50 an hour to make Lucy believe that he's game-fully employed. That in giving up his six figure salary as a top insurance agent or salesman. He also get's the pesky Mason out of his and Lucy's life by falsifying a insurance policy by the late Auggie Rose making him soul beneficiary.That in the really not to bright Mason not realizing that he'll end up behind bars when he ever tries to claim the money.

    ***MAJOR SPOLERS*** The heart wrenching ending is when Noland finally reveled the truth to Lucy about Auggie and his impersonation of him that has her break down in tears and take off to he nearest bus station to leave town and Noland behind. But alas Lucy in realizing what Noland did for both Auggie,in getting him a proper burial,and herself ,in keeping Auggie alive for her, has a sudden change of heart! As she shows up at Nolan's place of work the McDougall Deli to order a ham & cheese sandwich that he's more then happy to make for her. And not only that the tab's on him!
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    I rented Beyond suspicion when it first came out and forgot I saw it and rented it again.I forgot most of the movie so I didn't mind seeing it again.I also like Jeff Goldblum's acting.It was a nice drama.I liked how it all unfolded.I have often thought how cool it would be to wake up and be someone else for change.To live in their home and live their life.In the movie Auggie Rose seemed to have no family or next of kin and nobody knew of him or anything about him.In the movie John wants to escape his life which is meaningless to him for whatever reason, and either re-invent himself or just be someone else.It was unclear what John was really unhappy with.He had a good job,nice car,friends,nice house and a longterm girlfriend but wanted to be free.I understand he felt sorry for ex-con Auggie since nobody came forward to claim him after he was shot dead. He was being discarded like human garbage and spent 20 years behind bars.John seemed obsessed with this man's life which was the complete opposite of his own.He eventually saw a way to start over and free himself from his own unhappy existence by impersonating the dead man.His new identity as Auggie Rose seemed to make him happy and he finally found himself.
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    I came across this movie on late night TV while channel surfing. Even though I missed the first 5 - 10 minutes I soon became so engrossed I watched it right through to the end - and enjoyed it enormously. It's an unusual plot - but a one that leaves you with a good feeling - about life and the simple things that really matter - love, truth, friendship and being real. Jeff Goldblum has played in a few offbeat movies and is convincing as a middle-aged middle class successful insurance salesman who suddenly realizes his life is boring and meaningless. The realization is triggered by a traumatic event he witnesses and is unwittingly part of. The rest of the film is about how he reacts to that realization and the people he meets along the way. A number of the minor characters are interesting as well. I particularly enjoyed the retired boxer. Well worth watching at any time of the day. Too good to be a late night movie rerun.
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    This is a real undiscovered gem. The few criticisms posted so far seem based on the peculiar assumption that all stories must be taken literally, like news reports of real-world events.

    The fascination of this well-mounted 'little' movie depends on the pivotal fact that taking over someone else's life would be a totally bizarre and irrational thing to do. What makes the story fun is our own unexpected realization that sometimes irrationality really is preferable . Goldblum's character is someone who needs to do something crazy, to break out of the calcified shell of his stable existence. If you can't identify with that feeling, all I can say is you must be leading a far more exciting life than I am.

    Beyond some believably seedy locations (the whole movie is seemingly shot 'on the wrong side of the tracks'), Beyond Suspicion has several great performances going for it. Goldblum is perfect as the ambivalent impostor, not sure what he's doing, feeling at once creepy, guilty and yet strangely also more alive than he ever has before. Anne Heche is the perfect foil, very believable as a simple, lower-class girl with no reason to be sympathetic to Goldblum's peculiar activities. And Joe Santos (best known from The Rockford Files) adds a wonderful grace note as the amiable neighbor.

    You can typically buy this DVD in the bargain bin for about the cost of a rental. Definitely worth the investment.
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    The perfect low budget feature with a plot. The story of a man who wants to change his life and uses the demise of another to do it. Every movie of Jeff Goldblum is something to watch. Ann Heche plays a hometown girl who takes a leap of faith and finds Jeff who has used the murder as his personal transit
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    Using a plot line similiar to one in one of Cornell Woolrich`s short stories a fine literate screenplay was written.The acting by Jeff Goldblum is superior,as he finds himself in very peculiar crossroads in his life. I hate giving to much of the story away but you will stay transfixed as the screen play unfolds

    Another writer compared this to American Beauty, This is far better, I did not like any one in American Beauty & could care less for any of them In Auggie Rose I liked everyone, even Anne Heche, who is not what I call a great actress, she handles herself very credibly, as all the rest of the cast. Good production values This film is fine entertainment all the way & no explosions or special effects to ruin it. The music score also is quite good

    my rating is ***1/2 It could have moved a bit faster. as always jay harris
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    Not knowing what to expect we were pleasantly surprised by this intriguing and clever movie. It will keep you guessing. Without giving away the plot, I will just say that Jeff Goldblum gets involved in another person's life.
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    Pretty nice movie to see, not much special surprises but still deserves a 6/10 for the plot and for Goldblum's nice performance. The cop in the movie does a good job checking up on his work. It's nice to see but don't get anyones hopes up on this one. Nice and easy to watch with a beer and a couple of friends. You still have to listen since sometimes you won't know who Goldblum really is.
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    Well this was the biggest surprise in movies so far this year, except that A.I. was a complete waste of celluloid. The movie features a GREAT story line, and it is easy to become immersed in the characters. Although I usually enjoy Jeff Goldblum (and enjoyed him here as well,...) I thought he was mis-cast and was not able to emote enough. Another acor may have neen a better choice. Over all, it was surprisingly well thought out...with a nice little twist or two at the end, and wonderfully filmed as well. I thought this was the best performance I have ever seen from Anne Heche. For film lovers everywhere, a must see.