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Quark The Old and the Beautiful (1977–1978) HD online

Quark The Old and the Beautiful (1977–1978) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Sci-Fi
Original Title: The Old and the Beautiful
Director: Hy Averback
Writers: Buck Henry,Bruce Kane
Released: 1977–1978
Duration: 25min
Video type: TV Episode
The Head gives Quark a mission to spend an extended romantic interlude with a princess. Elated about his orders, Quark is later told by Palindrome that this is a secret mission to an unknown location. Quark and his crew set out from Perma One on the secret mission and along the trip they pick up a space baggie that they find in their way. But the bag they pickup gets jammed in the spacecraft's pickup door so Quark goes to fix the problem. When he is finished with the fix, Quark appears visibly older. This leads Ficus to conclude that Quark is aging at a rate of 2 years per hour due to a virus he encountered from the space baggie. Even though the crew attempts to cure Quark, all of their attempts fail. Quark is given final orders by Palindrome that he must complete an interlude with the beautiful and voluptuous Princess Carna in order to maintain a treaty with the dreaded Gorgons. Quark doubts that he can complete the mission, given his advancing age and senility, but he gives it a try...
Episode complete credited cast:
Richard Benjamin Richard Benjamin - Adam Quark
Tim Thomerson Tim Thomerson - Gene / Jean (as Timothy Thomerson)
Richard Kelton Richard Kelton - Ficus
Patricia Barnstable Patricia Barnstable - Betty (as Tricia Barnstable)
Cyb Barnstable Cyb Barnstable - Betty
Conrad Janis Conrad Janis - Palindrome
Alan Caillou Alan Caillou - The Head
Barbara Rhoades Barbara Rhoades - Princess Carna
Bobby Porter Bobby Porter - Andy
Daina House Daina House - The Handmaiden (as Dana House)

Kirstie Alley appears uncredited as Princess Carna's second handmaiden. This was her first on screen role.

Paula Prentiss played the female voice of Gene/Jean, the trans-mute. Prentiss is the real-life wife of Richard Benjamin.