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Jak jsem poznal vasi matku I Heart NJ (2005–2014) HD online

Jak jsem poznal vasi matku I Heart NJ (2005–2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: I Heart NJ
Director: Pamela Fryman
Writers: Carter Bays,Craig Thomas
Released: 2005–2014
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
Ted has been commuting by train from Manhattan to New Jersey to be with Stella. Problem is, Ted despises New Jersey and he does not care for the train commute, but figures when he and Stella get married, she and her daughter Lucy will move to New York, but Stella has no plans to move to New York however. Ted, Marshall, Lily and Barney go to Stella's house. They cannot go out because Stella can't get a babysitter. While there, they start "beating up" on New Jersey and an argument ensues over which is better; New York or New Jersey. In addition, Stella tells Ted she has no plans to move to New York when they get married, because she doesn't want to uproot her life, as well as Lucy's and there's an argument about where they should live. Now Ted has to decide if he will live in New York, without Stella and Lucy or be with them in New Jersey. Meanwhile, Robin is miserable at Metro News One, because of the "fluff" pieces she has to report and the puns she has to say, even if it is in bad ...
Episode cast overview:
Josh Radnor Josh Radnor - Ted Mosby
Jason Segel Jason Segel - Marshall Eriksen
Cobie Smulders Cobie Smulders - Robin Scherbatsky
Neil Patrick Harris Neil Patrick Harris - Barney Stinson
Alyson Hannigan Alyson Hannigan - Lily Aldrin
Sarah Chalke Sarah Chalke - Stella Zinman
Michael Kagan Michael Kagan - Joel Adams
Darcy Rose Byrnes Darcy Rose Byrnes - Lucy
Shammy Dee Shammy Dee - Matisse
Elaine Kao Elaine Kao - Girl From Couple
Edward Kiniry-Ostro Edward Kiniry-Ostro - Brian
John Pollono John Pollono - Guy From Couple

When Ted misses out on stuff at the beginning of the episode he says "Aw man." A reference to him being the blitz.

In the DVD version of this season there was a commentary on this episode, recorded by Ellis Duncan and Evan Rock, who were two actors who had filmed a scene for the show, which for some reason was not in the episode. They did not know this prior to the commentary and found out while recording when the characters they spoke to left the setting their scene was at. They even waited until the very end of the episode, hoping for some sort of tagline possibly explaining what happened or whether or not it was a joke.

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    I was just wondering if anyone had any idea who the artwork is by on Stella's walls? Please let me know if so! [email protected]

    I love this show, I think its one of the greats. And being originally from new jersey, and hating it, i can definitely sympathize with the great debate. i also really loved sarah chalke's guest stint on the show, much better without Britney spears being involved. why the hell does a comment have to be a minimum of 10 lines? That is just ridiculous. I only wanted to ask if anyone had any idea whose art that was and instead I'm writing a random paragraph about absolutely nothing. I apologize.
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    After a more personal Marshall episode that didn't have a major impact on the course of the series, we're back to life changing events, and the plot points from episode 1 are continued.

    It is getting more obvious that Ted rushed into his engagement with Stella without knowing her well enough and without thinking of all the consequences. He's not even able to pick up on her sarcasm, which leads to his assumption that Stella would be willing to move to Manhattan with her daughter. As it turns out, she is not. So Ted has to move to New Jersey. And if it wasn't evidenced via flashbacks in this episode how much Ted despises New Jersey, we'd already know it from S03E02, when Ted wouldn't even enter New Jersey for a one-night stand. This leads to an argument in front of Ted's friends, who are all inveterate New Yorkers - except Marshall, who suddenly switches sides and roots for New Jersey, which provides the best comedy of the episode. Then again, it's Marshall who must already doubt Ted and Stella's compatibility since she failed the Star Wars test two episodes earlier. At the end, Ted gives in and agrees to move to the detested city of New Jersey. Mostly because of Lucy, Stella's daughter. You have to wonder if Ted's decisions in this relationship are thought out well. First he went from wanting to break up with Stella to proposing to her within one day, and now he learns that he's expected to move to the place he hates more than anything else, and he agrees to do so only a couple of hours later.

    The Barney and Robin story from episode 1 of this season is continued as well. We already know that Robin hates her job at Metro News 1, and that Barney encouraged her to take a chance and apply for a more challenging job. Now we see her finally quit her old job. But all she gets out of her audition at the other news agency is a job as foreign correspondent in Japan. Which is devastating news for Barney. He might not have planned to confess his love to her any time soon, but surely he can't stand the thought of not spending time with her on a regular basis.

    All in all a good episode that complies well with the series' continuity, moves the plot forward and sets the stage for some interesting conflicts.
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    Plot In A Paragraph: Ted does not want to move in with Stella because he hates New Jersey where she lives, and she refuses to move to New York. Robin prematurely quits her TV job because she incorrectly thinks that she already has a new job.

    An interesting episode, just not a very funny one. The debate certainly was an interesting one, although New York is one of my favourite Cities in the world, I like New Jersey because on Bon Jovi.

    I loved the look Barney gave to Robin when she said she is moving to Japan. I think he really does love her, and is hiding his feelings.

    I also loved him keeping his hand up the full episode.
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    WARNING: This comment is very biased being I am a born and bred New Yorker. NY isn't just the media capital of the US but the capital of the world. United Nations building anyone? As for Stella's comment about not wanting to raise her kid in a noisy, urban environment. That's why NY has upstate and Long Island(I'm from Suffolk County) for suburban living. As for the safety of her kid, think about this. All drivers in NY and even the retired NY'ers in FL have one comment in common, 'Freakin' Jersey drivers'. Any time we see a yellow license plate on the back of a car, we know to stay more than one car length away and to watch our asses and the road closely. The only reasons I would be in NJ are to go to a Giants game, having to take I-95 down the coast or passing through to see friends in Philly.

    Now, on to the last part of the episode. Robin getting a foreign correspondent job and having to move to Japan is kind of sad. First, she is so incredibly hot and not seeing her would be a shame. Second, based on Barney's reaction, you could tell he really is in love with her and may not have the chance to say it. Based on the fact of her moving and Ted having to move to NJ, I have a feeling that the 4th season will be the last.
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    I am not from New York or New Jersey but if I think of somebody making me want to move outside my city I would never agree and want to do it! Somehow I like Stella way less after this episode. To me she is like person I never want to become and who I could never ever marry. Poor Ted. I can't believe some child made him change his mind.

    The episode is actually less fun than usually. The only one who really made me laugh was Marshall with him being "too big for New York" and checking out dog shirts.

    It has one important moment though. Which is Robin going to Japan now. And we can see that Barney is not over her. Something will be happening there.