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Farm Days  HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family
Original Title: Farm Days
Director: Ryan Moser
Writers: Ryan Moser,Keaton S. Ziem
Duration: 1h 20min
Video type: Movie
Farm Days is a feature-length, children's film, with a dark comedy twist for adults. It's a story that follows a family of farm animals as they discover the true meaning of home.
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Melanie Manooki Melanie Manooki - Amy (voice)
Kevin Hines Kevin Hines - Otis (voice)
Ben Scattone Ben Scattone - Chicken (voice)
Manuel Domenech Manuel Domenech - Howie (voice)
Vicki Moser Vicki Moser - Mrs. McDonald
Logan David Wilson Logan David Wilson - Frankie (voice)
Robb Moser Robb Moser - Mr. McDonald
Hailey Elizabeth Wilson Hailey Elizabeth Wilson - Wanda (voice)
Bud Garso Bud Garso - Blackjack (voice)
Sean Marin Sean Marin - Cinnamon (voice)
Ron Underwood Ron Underwood - Elvis (voice)
Luke Kondor Luke Kondor - Narrator (voice)
Davison Locksley Davison Locksley - Buck
Guido Ghedin Guido Ghedin - Chicken (voice)
Tyler Cotter Tyler Cotter - Del