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The Circle (2009) HD online

The Circle (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama / Romance
Original Title: The Circle
Director: Nawaf Al-Janahi
Writers: Nawaf Al-Janahi
Released: 2009
Duration: 1h 22min
Video type: Movie
Ibrahim, a poet and a journalist, discovers that he is dying soon from a fatal disease. He confront his crook partner, Bader, and demands his share to make sure that his wife has a better life after he's gone. Shihab, a professional thief forced by his boss to do jobs for him in order to pay off a huge debt, plans to quit crime world to take care of his younger sister. They both meet accidentally just to begin seeing the world with different perspectives.
Credited cast:
Ali Al-Jabri Ali Al-Jabri - Shihab
Nawaf Al-Janahi Nawaf Al-Janahi - Adel
Khalid Al-Mahmood Khalid Al-Mahmood - Man Throwing Garbage
Alaa Al-Nuaimi Alaa Al-Nuaimi - Bader
Abdel Mohsen Annimer Abdel Mohsen Annimer - Ibrahim
Shehab Hamza Shehab Hamza - Rida
Ibrahim Salim Ibrahim Salim - Abu Adnan
Shahad Shahad - Al-Anood
Shouq Shouq - Eman

The Circle is the first feature fiction production by MBC group.

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    The circle

    Exciting emirati film by nawaf Aljanahi

    The excitement did not lie in the film accelerates, but the depth of the idea and the trend towards police, this character a new direction, and we are in the Gulf region need such sophisticated movies and mimic the young filmmaker had done is very important in this film, and exciting and we enjoyed very much and we expect such films to spread, I liked a lot the performance of Steve and Heather Tiger, the scenario was a distinct Wait to see the film again on YouTube and viewed by all people to register their admiration in the film and provide team tribute to this beautiful and exciting We are proud of emirati filmmakers
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    Admired piece from one of the founders of the fledgling Emirates film industry.

    The business man in partnership with an unscrupulous associate discovers he hasn't long to live. Meanwhile the member of the burglar trio wants to be free of their menacing boss. When he goes about robbing a neighbor's flat, the businessman sorts him out with a two by four and proposes a deal.

    The shadow of COLLATERAL (two men in a car all night) hangs over this one and it doesn't register all that well on plausibility and pacing but it fields intriguing characters and has a few imaginative touches to hold interest. It does offer an unfamiliar voice in Arabic film.

    Screening at the Sydney 2011 Arab Film festival was marred by greenish digital projection on all the productions so it's hard to put a value on the technical quality.