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La bella y las bestias  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama
Original Title: La bella y las bestias
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Series
The series revolves around Isabela León (Esmeralda Pimentel), a beautiful young girl whose parents were murdered by a group of white-collar criminals when she was a minor. After reaching the age of majority, Isabela, with great resentment, decides to take charge of her situation and face the murderers of her parents, whom she calls Bestias, members of high society, who hide their crimes under facades of businesses or activities legal. In the company of her great fighting companions, Mike (Jorge Alberti) and Penélope (Cassandra Sánchez Navarro), Isabela returns from Los Angeles to Mexico to hunt, one by one, the Bestias that do not stop enjoying the honeys of impunity.
Series cast summary:
Esmeralda Pimentel Esmeralda Pimentel - Isabela León 66 episodes, 2018
Osvaldo Benavides Osvaldo Benavides - Juan Pablo Quintero 66 episodes, 2018
Arturo Barba Arturo Barba - Emanuel Espitia 66 episodes, 2018
Macarena Achaga Macarena Achaga - Emilia Quintero 66 episodes, 2018
Cassandra Sanchez Navarro Cassandra Sanchez Navarro - Penélope Zapata 63 episodes, 2018
Jorge Alberti Jorge Alberti - Mike 63 episodes, 2018
Jaume Mateu Jaume Mateu - Simón Narváez 61 episodes, 2018
Leticia Huijara Leticia Huijara - Gloria Quintero / - 58 episodes, 2018
Víctor Civeira Víctor Civeira - Ricardo Morales / - 47 episodes, 2018
Guillermo Quintanilla Guillermo Quintanilla - Abelardo Zea 40 episodes, 2018
Elizabeth Minotta Elizabeth Minotta - Andrea 36 episodes, 2018
Sebastián Ferrat Sebastián Ferrat - Ignacio Vega 'El Cafetero' 28 episodes, 2018