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Beware the Gonzo (2010) HD online

Beware the Gonzo (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Beware the Gonzo
Director: Bryan Goluboff
Writers: Bryan Goluboff
Released: 2010
Duration: 1h 34min
Video type: Movie
Eddie "Gonzo" Gilman is starting a revolution. When the wild-eyed rebel journalist is ousted from his prep school's newspaper by its über-popular editor, Eddie fronts an underground movement to give a voice to all the misfits, outcasts, and nerds. Soon the power of the press is in Eddie's hands... but will he use it wisely?


Cast overview, first billed only:
Ezra Miller Ezra Miller - Eddie 'Gonzo' Gilman
Zoë Kravitz Zoë Kravitz - Evie Wallace
Griffin Newman Griffin Newman - Horny Rob Becker
Stefanie Y. Hong Stefanie Y. Hong - Ming Na (as Stefanie Hong)
Edward Gelbinovich Edward Gelbinovich - Scott Marshall Schneeman
Jesse McCartney Jesse McCartney - Gavin Reilly
Amy Sedaris Amy Sedaris - Diane Gilman
Campbell Scott Campbell Scott - Arthur Gilman
James Urbaniak James Urbaniak - Principal Roy
Marc John Jefferies Marc John Jefferies - Stone
Lucian Maisel Lucian Maisel - Malloy
Jerry Grayson Jerry Grayson - Errol
Yul Vazquez Yul Vazquez - Charlie Ronald
Judah Friedlander Judah Friedlander - Cafeteria Guy
Steven Kaplan Steven Kaplan - Kevin

At the end of the movie when Gonzo talks with Evie, he can be seen wearing a 'Sons of an Illustrious Father' shirt. This is the name of the band Ezra Miller (Gonzo) is in in real life.

When Gonzo goes back to school after being expelled, the shirt he wears is for Ezra Miller's (Gonzo) band, Sons Of An Illustrative Father.

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    Saw this as a Netflix streaming movie. Filmed in Queens and Brooklyn, made mostly by TV-experienced crew and cast. I enjoyed it, not as trivial and silly as many high school comedies are.

    It is senior year and Ezra Miller, a member of the school newspaper staff, has adopted the name 'Gonzo' Gilman. He aspires to attend Cornell studying journalism and his idol is the journalist who became known as the first "gonzo journalist" Hunter S. Thompson.

    (As a short 'aside', gonzo journalism is a no-holds-barred style that considers the style as important as content, and sometimes a good injection of fiction can make an objective article even more effective in its impact. There is a recent movie, "Rum Diary" based on Thompson's book.)

    Anyway the editor of the school paper is favorite son, the popular wrestling hero, played by Jesse McCartney as Gavin Reilly, and just an extension of school policy and heavily edits Gonzo's first article, and soon after kicks him off the staff. Undaunted Gonzo decides he will fight back and start his own 'underground' newspaper, complete with a website, enlisting the help of a number of other students.

    At first it appeared the movie might degenerate into the usual warring factions, the pretty and popular girls plus the muscled jocks against the not-so-attractive geeks. And, that basically is the division used here, but the story develops along a more meaningful line than many high school movies. The underground newspaper does uncover some issues, like the unhealthy operation of the school cafeteria, but it also gets the participants threatened with expulsion.

    Pretty and exotic Zoe Kravitz is Evie Wallace, who has gained a not-so-nice reputation but in fact she is a fighter against the in-crowd and has a very helpful working knowledge of the internet and building web sites.

    Effective are Amy Sedaris as Diane Gilman and Campbell Scott as Arthur Gilman, Gonzo's parents. As well as James Urbaniak as Principal Roy who just wants to gloss over everything.

    Ultimately the movie is a type of 'coming of age' story, primarily for Gonzo Gilman, but also for several other characters.
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    It's the first week of Senior year and already, Gonzo Gilman has been kicked off the school paper and his friends are being bullied. Gonzo is a smart kid and he knows better than anyone that the pen is mightier than the sword. With the help of his loser buddies, Gonzo comes up with a plan to create the anti-newspaper of his High School, a publication that focuses on the negatives of the school and it's students. Most of these High School themed movies are about the popular kids drama or the unknown student who becomes a legend, but how often do you see the losers rise up against the popular kids, in a non-violent way? This story was written by Bryan Goluboff, who also wrote the screen play for one of my favorite movies, The Basketball Diaries. Much like that film, this one is as clever as it is funny. Ezra Miller stars as Gonzo, and gives the best performance I've seen him give. Yes, he was great in Perks of Being a Wallflower, but he has a whole different energy here, and I think it might have something to do with Miller's personal life. Miller is openly gay and has often talked about how difficult it's been for him. The character he's playing here, Gonzo Gilman, is a cult hero for every kid that's ever been bullied and didn't know what to do about it, and in a way I think this role was Miller's way of fighting back against what happened to him. He's opposed by Jesse McCartney, the most popular kid in school. I think McCartney is a tremendous talent and he's a good looking kid. For that reason, he's always portrayed as this sweet, lovable guy, and it was really great to see him in a different type of role. Sometimes the best way to rejuvenate your career is by trying something new and it works here. Beware The Gonzo is a refreshingly unique, independent film, with a great young cast, and an amazing writer, who is very particular about what he does. Everything comes together to create something terrific that we really haven't seen before. I can honestly say I loved every minute of this film and for that it's receives the label of must see movie!
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    The general idea for the movie is not bad, although fairly typical and clichefilled... And boasting of stereotypes.

    About students rebelling against the system.

    I usually enjoy these sorts of movies but I didn't like this too much.

    A big issue was the main character, he's supposed to be the typical lovable 'loser' but he comes across as a big of a arrogant douchebag as the people he is rebelling against half the time.

    In the beginning we see him making fun a out of a disabled girl when his friend claims that he has the hots for her, saying that she is like the female version of the elephant man etc.

    I mean, this is the guy that we are supposed to root for and think is the champion of the underdogs? Occasionally it gets some things right, but not very often.

    I really like Zoe Kravitz usually but she couldn't save this movie, but I suppose she didn't have much to work with.