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His Last Deal (1913) HD online

His Last Deal (1913) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Crime / Drama
Original Title: His Last Deal
Released: 1913
Video type: Movie
Garland Hamlin and wife live in a fashionable neighborhood and to all appearances are an ideal couple. One thing mars happiness; Hamlin is away three weeks every month on important business. His wife becomes suspicions. He comes home one evening about six o'clock, telling his wife that he has to hurry away in an hour on another important business deal. His wife asks him to postpone the trip, but he refuses, saying that he is going on the most important deal of his life. Learning from a telegram the place to which he is going, his wife follows him to find out the reason for his frequent visits. Hamlin gets off the train at a small station about twenty miles from his home, and hurries away closely followed by his wife. She loses him in a thicket and tries to find her way back when she seized by masked men, who take her into a camp. They bind and gag her, and shortly after they start away, Mrs. Hamlin frees herself from her bonds, and follows. The men are joined by another masked figure ...

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    This is a film story with a sudden twist at the end, showing that the young husband is not a bandit at all, but that the whole affair is merely a moving picture. The humor of this does not make a very strong appeal to the audience, as the foregoing part had been straight drama and the change came rather abruptly. - The Moving Picture World, September 27, 1913