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Naufraghi (2004) HD online

Naufraghi (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: Naufraghi
Director: Federica Pontremoli
Writers: Federica Pontremoli
Released: 2004
Budget: €30,000
Duration: 12min
Video type: Movie
Sidetracked for a second, a dog runs off and your marriage hits rock bottom. Life is full of surprises so don't let a chance pass you by... Grab a glass of champagne and toast to a new life.
Cast overview:
Nicola Pistoia Nicola Pistoia - Edoardo
Corinna Locastro Corinna Locastro - Beatrice
Giuseppe Antignati Giuseppe Antignati - Marito
Lisa Galantini Lisa Galantini - Amante
Marina Viro Marina Viro - Moglie