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The Even Stevens Movie (2003) HD online

The Even Stevens Movie (2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Family
Original Title: The Even Stevens Movie
Director: Sean McNamara
Writers: Dennis Rinsler,Marc Warren
Released: 2003
Duration: 1h 33min
Video type: Movie
The Stevens think that they've won an all-expenses-paid trip to an island that's halfway around the world. When their house is destroyed, their food stolen, and their bacon eaten, the Stevens family breaks apart in front of all their friends on live national television, while the island itself is only a short distance away from Sacramento!


Cast overview, first billed only:
Shia LaBeouf Shia LaBeouf - Louis Stevens
Christy Carlson Romano Christy Carlson Romano - Ren Stevens
Donna Pescow Donna Pescow - Eileen Stevens
Tom Virtue Tom Virtue - Steve Stevens
Nick Spano Nick Spano - Donnie Stevens
Steven Anthony Lawrence Steven Anthony Lawrence - Bernard 'Beans' Aranguren
Tim Meadows Tim Meadows - Miles McDermott
A.J. Trauth A.J. Trauth - Alan Twitty
Margo Harshman Margo Harshman - Tawny Dean
Dave Coulier Dave Coulier - Lance LeBow
Keone Young Keone Young - Chief Tuka
Lauren Frost Lauren Frost - Ruby
Walker Howard Walker Howard - Laylo (as Howard Walker)
Josh Keaton Josh Keaton - Mootai / Jason
George Anthony Bell George Anthony Bell - Principal Wexler

This film marks the series finale for the show since it wraps up the story lines of each character.

Ren's boyfriend, "Gil" was actually introduced in one of the last "Even Stevens" episodes "Surf's Up".

After Twitty is captured by Miles on the island he says that his name is "Lars Honeytoast" which is the false name he gives to the illegal shoe salesman "Scabby" in the Even Stevens episode "Quest for Coolness".

The name of Tom Gribalski's boat is the "S.S. Doris", which is a reference to Tom's mother "Doris" who was often mentioned and seen in one episode.

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    Mysterious Wrench

    I must admit that I am a HUGE fan of the show. I watch it all the time. Shia Labeouf is hillarious. Without him I don't think the show would exist. And without him this movie would not have been so good. But he was in it, and the movie was awesome. Tawny was her adorable self, and Twitty and Tom were pretty funny as well. I am not a big fan of Ren, and her part in the movie was pretty lame, but I would say everyone else was great. If this movie hadn't been made I don't think I would have laughed as hard last Friday as I did while watching it. I don't laugh out loud a lot to movies. But I did to this one!

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    Even Stevens is a show that cracks me up and always keeps me begging for more. And finally, they come up with an idea for the movie to follow the series. This is a great movie that I would say all kids should be permitted to watch. The movie is about the Stevens taking a vacation on the deserted island of Menehune (or something like that) and they end up getting tricked by a show host who sneaks cameras in the bushes of the island and passes off what he films as a reality show. This is not a five-star movie from Disney, but it sure is a funny one. I hope Disney makes more comedies like this, and I can see they already have.
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    The Even Stevens Movie is the most well put together made-for-TV movie I've seen in years. Shia LaBeouf(Louis Stevens) is at his comedic apex, with the typical sarcastic and dry one-liners and blood-curdling squeals, and the rest of the cast fits together cohesively well. Each character will have a trait that endears them to you, and each character likewise leaves memorable performances. This is clean, pure, unadulterated family comedy with a very unique plot and several surprises. SNL's Tim Meadows plays the humorous villain extremely well, and is believably shady. Dave Coulier of Full House fame even plays a small role, and does it confidently well. Margo Harshman(Tawny Dean) is her usual beautiful self. This movie will familiarize those who haven't watched the show before with all of the wonderful characters in the series. The movie also teaches an important lesson in the power of family togetherness. The comedy in this film has a universally hilarious appeal, and overall, it shows off what the series has to offer, and more. Not easily forgettable, and very entertaining. A must-see. 10/10.
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    Fans of the classic cinema and especially Bing Crosby might not have caught the resemblance between The Even Stevens Movie and Waikiki Wedding. But for me it was hard to miss.

    The Even Stevens Movie is a final send off for one the Disney Studios popular teen comedies after they had completed their prerequisite three year run. The show made Shia LaBoeuf something of a name, though in his movie career since leaving the Magic Kingdom, he's been trying to live his image down. While there he even behaved in most UnDisneylike fashion.

    The show consisted of the Stevens family of Sacramento with mom Donna Pescow both homemaker and State Senator and father Tom Virtue an attorney. They have three children; oldest Donnie (Nick Spano) a dumb jock, daughter Ren (Christy Carlson Romano)the straight A overachieving perfect kid, and classic screwup Louis played by Shia LaBoeuf. The family is offered a dream vacation by Tim Meadows on a tropic island almost too good to be true.

    It is too good to be true because Meadows is the producer of a reality TV series and he orchestrates several incidents with the 'natives' and the wildlife. The Stevens family ends up living like Robinson Crusoe as primitive as can be, more primitive than the castaways and definitely more hostile to each other.

    As for the Crosby film, that's the one where Bing stage manages an adventurous vacation for Shirley Ross where he's a pineapple company representative and she's Miss Pineapple USA. Of course Crosby and Ross got to sing a few songs and we also had the classic comedy of Martha Raye and Bob Burns.

    No Crosby ballads in The Even Stevens Movie, the comedy ain't classic, but it does have some funny moments. Best one is when Shia LaBoeuf pulls what turns out to be a self destruct lever and the whole king's palace tumbles around him, all part of Meadows's machinations.

    The Even Stevens Movie has some moments, but it's not anything to stay up nights for unless you're a big fan of the show.
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    Even Stevens was one of the greatest shows I have ever watched. The Even Stevens Movie was like a good-bye to the show and to the cast. They spent years together, probably thinking each other as a real family. There was a song with the old band, the hugs Christy gave Shia in the bloopers.. It was adorable. It was sad to see such a wonderful show end. I absolutely loved the creativity of this movie. It came with a great story-line and it brought laughs, and worries at the same time. The ending of the movie was quite surprising, but pretty self-explanatory that it would never happen. I agree with 'joshening' that it was a good movie, but wasn't like the other Disney movies that would make you want to watch it over and over again. You would have to wait a while until you want to watch it again. Although it was an excellent movie. I recommend this movie for anybody who would love to watch a little comedy to themselves. (:
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    It was actually pretty funny and the ending wasn't what I was expecting. I was hoping it would have ended differently, ha, but it ended very well. The graphics were very fake though, I would have thought that with this day and age and Disney's resources they could have made realistic graphics, but that's alright. The younger audience wouldn't notice. Overall, fairly good. Funny. Don't know if I'll think so a second time around, but then who knows, the tv show is funny and the movie definately holds up to the tv show.
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    *Contains a few spoilers*

    This movie was an enjoyable watch on an otherwise boring Friday night. Shia LaBeouf was great as Louis, as well as the other cast members. I loved this movie, and I would have definitely preferred if it was showed in theaters, but I'm glad I could have free entertainment.

    When you watch this movie, you notice how the characters have grown but some have them have still never changed. But during the movie, you may notice that one particular character may surprise you.

    I also thought it was really sweet at the end of the movie. If you've seen Even Stevens ever since it began, then you would notice Ren and Louis's disability to get along. When Louis said that he would never hurt Ren, it made me go, "Aww!" Yes, I know it may sound a little out there, but that was a really great part and I really enjoyed watching it.

    All in all, I would give it a 10/10... just like the series! An awesome movie, and if you haven't seen it yet, better tune in!
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    I recently saw this movie (that naturally, the Disney Channel's pushing *real* hard, it's been on multiple times a day for the last several days (or so it seems)) and I can state with clear certainty that I am glad it wasn't released in the theatres (unlike the much glossier Lizzie McGuire movie).

    There's a certain plodding to the entire script (obviously inspired by all that Reality TV lately, and sprinkling in some rhetoric from THE TRUMAN SHOW), it feels very laboured and drawn out a bit.

    Perhaps it could have been shortened to an hour (that's with some commercials) or filled with a bit more substance. For that matter, the whole movie would have been better if the premise of the characters being on a Reality TV show wasn't exposed nearly as soon as it was.

    Still, it seems to follow that same Disney formula of funny moments, love and everything ending happily everafter. I think that if you're a big fan of the TV series, you'll like this movie, since you'll see familiar characters pulling off bits of their familiar antics. If you have never seen the TV series, you'd be best waiting to see regular episodes first, then trying this movie later (knowing Disney's broadcast schedule, this will probably pop up repeatedly at random intervals for the next year or so).
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    For this movie, based off of a TV show, and a serious finale. I thought that it was a lousy way to end off a serious. 'M*A*S*H Goodbye, farewell, and Amen' was pretty good, but not this one. Unless you really love the series (Like myself) skip this movie.

    I was a loyal fan of the show Even Stevens, but the plot was too gimmicky, and Dave Coulier, man, that guy hasn't done anything good...well, ever. They shouldn't have used Tim Meadows, he's a great actor, but he was too good for the script.

    I thought the movie was pure cheese. I would give it a 4.5/10
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    I sat down in front of my television crying. I was so depressed that my favourite show was going to be completely over after this movie aired. I had expected it to be all funny and little seriousness, but I was wrong. The Even Stevens Movie had some very interesting moments. I loved it. It's just like sitting down and watching three episodes of the television show , only much better. I give this movie ****/****
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    This movie is absolutely funny. I don't know who created this idea but it worked. Tim Meadows is just the normal boss who fires everyone. Just by telling you one line you'll see how its funny. Donny says this to his family. "We only ate to get forgiveness from Oprah." Oprah Was the made up Mandelino God!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!! There is even some innuendo in this movie. If i could i would rate it PG for Comic peril and some child Innuendo.
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    Louis (Shia LaBeouf) is a teenager, living in Sacramento. Now on summer vacation, he has invented an elaborate lawn chair which he thinks fulfills all his wants. Since the chair can dispense snacks and sodas, he plans on spending most of the summer on a sit-in. His sister, Ren (Christy Carlson Romano), however, just got dumped by her boyfriend at the pancake house. He "forgot" to mention that he was taking a summer job as a camp swim instructor on the east coast, far from Sacramento and doesn't want to be tied down. Brother! Ren decides to get a summer babysitting job for an active youngster, Beans, but is horrified when he tells her the rest of the family is taking a trip to Scandinavia, minus him! Father Steve (Tom Virtue) is out of work, making life a challenge for his kids and lovely wife, Eileen (Donna Pescow). On the day Louis' chair goes berserk, narrowly missing a visitor, the Stevens get great news! The guest, Miles (Tim Meadows) explains that the family has won a trip to an undiscovered South Pacific island, a true paradise. All expenses will be paid. Well, well! With bright smiles, the family lands on the tropical refuge, where the first day passes happily. What the Stevens' don't know, however, is that it is all a set-up. A reality television show called Family Fakeout has taken them to an island just miles off the coast of California and the "natives" are all actors. Miles' goal is to film these nice folks while creating havoc for them, such as taking away their shelters, food, and more. Meanwhile, folks in the States will be watching the drama unfold. Can the Stevens get off this Island of the Damned before they go crazy? This is a fun film for families that makes a good watch, whatever the occasion. The actors are quite comical and expressive, the scenery is beautiful, the costumes are nice, and the script/direction is zesty and eventful. Are the kids getting restless on a snowy winter's night? Get this movie and chase the chills away.
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    This movie ROCKED! i thought it was great, plus i love "even stevens" and that made it even better! i don't want to give anything away if you haven't seen the movie yet, so i'll just say this: aren't mutai/jason and ren P-E-R-F-E-C-T FOR EACH OTHER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Luv Ya'll, KhleozGrl
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    Freaky Hook

    This is one of the best movies I seen so far this summer. Shia LaBeouf, and Christy Carlson Romano give their funniest performances ever. They were funny in the series but they are more funny in the movie. Tom Virtue, and Donna Pescow give outstanding performances. This movie had a lot of funny in it but it could of had a funnier ending like someone fell off something or trip then end it, but it was still a great movie!
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    For once disney channel makes a good movie. Tim Meadows does great with the cast of the hit TV show. Shia Leabouf is sure becoming a great actor. This movie funny and great for the whole family. Much more better then the Lizzie Mcguire movie.
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    I liked the film it was really funny and my friend and I watched it together and we laughed a lot. It was a really enjoyable film. I think they did excellent on it and I recorded it so I could watch it again and again. Even Stevens is one of my favorite T'V shows and the movie was just awesome!

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    I honestly have to say that this movie was amazing, words can't even describe. It's everything I expected it to be. If you're an "Even Stevens" fan you will definitely love it! Shia is hilarious, as usual. I recommend it to all fans of the show. You will not be disappointed!!
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    This movie was good it could have been shorter but I found it great!! I really like Shia LaBeouf he is actually a very good actor if you every really pay attention to him. He is funny and delivers his lines well. Everyone in this movie did very well and it's a good family movie.
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    Fast Lovebird

    Sure, it's stupid, full of trite gags that have been seen time and time again. But once you get over yourself and just watch the movie, it's pretty entertaining. Not surprisingly, there is not too much to be said about the score or cinematography. Still, the acting is fitting for the film and the movie throws a number of loops. I'm into art films and not just a 10 year old watching the Disney channel, but I laughed out loud a number of times. If you like the show Even Stevens, you'll like this one. Just admit it, it's is a funny show, no matter how terrible the rest of the Disney channel is, and this is a fittingly funny movie to go with it.

    Funny parts (small spoilers): Mootai's relationship with Ren is pretty hilarious, and the directors even restrained themselves from making an overly sappy end to it. Ren is her usual dramatic self. Miles is the great over-the-top game show host who never drops that ridiculous intonation and flashes that game show host smile as he ruthlessly TEARS THE FAMILY APART! Oops, got a little carried away there. Louis brings his normal antics to the screen, and Beans humorously lowers the status quo with both his lines and his face. Tom does a good job as goofy weirdo while Alan and Tawny come in as the cliche good friends when the family is in a crunch. It's the familiar characters that really make this funny movie into such an enjoyable one. While it might warrant a [6/10] on its own, I give it an [8/10] for the greatness of the show and the fun of watching it with my younger siblings.

    And is it just me or did Tawny get way hotter than when she was in the show? (She's only a year or two younger than I am so I'm allowed to say that.)
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    Even though I've only seen it once so far, I thought it was excellent. The suspense seemed to keep building as the movie kept going. The climax of the movie came toward the end, unlike other t.v. movies that seem to be dull all the way through.
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    It's so easy

    It's a good movie, has the 'Even Stevens' humor to it. The only problem is, it's not like a lot of the other 'good' Disney Movies, you wouldn't want to watch 'The Even Stevens Movie' OVER and OVER again. Don't know why. Doesn't have the 'repeat spark.' A lot of the wannabe-humor is very IMMATURE and a lot of 4 year olds won't even laugh at, imagine the older people watching. It's a good movie to watch..but just ONCE! You will get tired of it EASILY and if you see it on again, you would get annoyed, and change the channel.

    A seven out of ten people. Watch the movie, but don't watch it again.

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    The movie was alright, I expected it to be soo much better! Some of the parts were too obivious! Ren's new "guy" was soo ugly! And they never mentioned some of the locations like the resturant. That was never in the original show! Also, did Principal Wexler suddenly grow a beard in the last week of school. I don't think so. Cause that's when the last episode of the show was based on. They goofed a lot. But Louis was funny as always.
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    This movie was awesome. I only wish it were in theaters, but thats ok.

    I'm a huge fan of the show and I make sure I catch it when I'm at someone's house (I don't have cable). I had my friend tape the movie and I watched it last night.

    *spoilers* Probably the only parts that really dragged were the Ren parts. She meets this dude and falls for him. He's supposed to be acting, but then ends up really falling for her. I thought it was kind of boring. But the FUNNIEST part for me was Tom saying "What's up?". Just the delivery of the line was hilarious and kept me laughing for awhile.

    I give this movie a 9/10.

    I highly recommend this movie.