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True to His Trust (1910) HD online

True to His Trust (1910) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Western
Original Title: True to His Trust
Released: 1910
Video type: Movie
The plot centers around a little pioneer family consisting of the father, mother, a little boy seven years of age and a little baby, one year old. While the father and mother are away from the cabin working in the fields the little boy is left to look after the baby. Some Blackfoot raiders happen by but the little boy sees them in time to find a novel hiding place. He puts the baby in the well bucket and lowers himself with the baby to the bottom of the well. In the meantime the Indians ransack the cabin, loot it and after setting it on fire depart. Father and mother, who have beard the outcries and seen the flames from the distance, unhitch their horses from the plow and ride to the fort for help. A squad of soldiers rides back with them and after a sharp skirmish with the Indians the cabin is found in ruins. There is no trace of the little ones and the distracted parents of course think that the Indians have either murdered them or taken them away. Finally, however, the father hears...

Released as a split reel along with Running Fire (1910).

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    A historic frontier story which details the experiences of a baby with Blackfoot raiders. Like others of the Kalem films which have depicted exciting episodes that might have occurred in any frontier settlement, the picture will thrill with its intensity, yet it has practically nothing of the dime novel order about it. There is an earnestness of purpose in the leading characters which makes them seem real personages and holds the interest of the audience throughout the film. The melodramatic plays some part in the development of the plot, but it is not so marked as in some of the frontier pictures and the introduction of the baby adds immensely to its interest. The play introduces a new type of Indian and the audience is treated to an exhibition of Blackfeet. These Indian characters are quite the best features of this series of Kalem films, though this by no means belittles the importance, of the story upon which the exhibition is strung. The reproduction of disappearing Indian life is an important historic work which deserves encouragement. - The Moving Picture World, September 3, 1910