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A Drop in the Ocean (2015) HD online

A Drop in the Ocean (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: A Drop in the Ocean
Director: Terry Cantwell
Writers: Terry Cantwell,Nathan King
Released: 2015
Budget: AUD 50,000
Duration: 34min
Video type: Movie
A Drop in the Ocean (Ghost Divers pilot) In March 1900, the iron steamer SS Glenelg mysteriously sinks ten kilometers off Victoria's Ninety Mile Beach. Due to a combination of bad luck and ferocious weather, 34 people perish and countless lives are ruined. By now, Mark Ryan's successes have created a huge stir in the dive community. He has plenty of volunteers to help in the Glenelg search, but the elusive shipwreck is unwilling to be found. Researcher Peter Taylor throws away the rule book and relies on instinct. In a dramatic and dangerous sequence of events, SOE discovers the Glenelg only minutes before it becomes too dangerous to dive. The team contacts the Glenelg victims' relatives; only to discover stories of tremendous bravery, incompetence, cowardice, and injustice. In a symbolic gesture of reconciliation Mark Ryan trains Gordon Fyfe (whose great grandfather heroically drowned attempting to rescue passengers) to dive. An anxious Fyfe dives on the ship eventually touching the ...