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Owen (2014) HD online

Owen (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Owen
Director: William Leonardo Molina
Writers: Fanci Berndt,Kaia Berndt
Released: 2014
Budget: $500
Duration: 7min
Video type: Movie
A boy carries more than his share of responsibilities after an accident tears a family apart. With his grief-stricken mother unable to care for herself, the boy is making choices he should not be called upon to make. But as the memory of his sister reminds him, with love, there is always hope.
Cast overview:
Collin Blackford Collin Blackford - Owen
Tiffany Conard Tiffany Conard - Mother
Kate Lowell Kate Lowell - Sister

Created for the 24 Hour Film Race 2014 (Directors Cut)