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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Music / Romance
Original Title: Accidentally in Love
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
A popular singer decides to go back to school, becoming the center of attention there, and meets an ordinary female student with a dual personality.
Series cast summary:
Junchen Guo Junchen Guo - 'Your Highness' / - 30 episodes, 2018
Yi Ning Sun Yi Ning Sun - Chen Qing Qing / - 30 episodes, 2018

Reviews: [10]

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    Not the most intelligent and unpredictable tv-show, but it's cute, romantic and funny and keeps you wanting to see more after each episode
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    I love this show so much . The acting was amazing the characters kept me laughing and wondering what's going to happen next . There was a lot of drama and twists in the story. I found this show to be highly entertaining I couldn't wait to watch the next episode . I hope that we get a season 2 please !
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    Love the main actress (Qing Qing). She's tough, funny, caring, cute, just love her! I get so annoyed with so many of the dramas when the main actress acts helpless or dumb (when they try to act 'innocent'). The main actor is so cute and funny! I absolutely love the scenes when he's jealous of guys being around Qing Qing. The actress that's super awful to Qing Qing drives me nuts (means the actress did an excellent job!). The only downside of the show I see is the writing. The acting is perfect but I find the story writing can be messy at times or filler. Overall I really hope there's a second season!
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    I began this show on a whim because I didn't have anything else to watch and it became quickly very addicting. They always ended an episode in the worst possible spot with the intention to reel you into the drama. This show had a really fun story line which you knew where it was going but how they got there was interesting. The main characters had a really unique dynamic that I had never seen before. In some scenes the male lead wavered between emotions of child-like fascination and a dramatic masculine role. The female lead had two sides to her life throughout the drama which kept making me laugh and wonder if what she did was possible at all. There were many times throughout the drama that I wanted to shake the characters because they were being unreasonable but it all added to the drama. Because the male lead was a musician it was interesting to hear the type of music he created. Even though he was a famous singer in the movie it didn't really come across that he was actually involved in his performances in the show. Sometimes this drama was difficult to sit through but it had a really cute ending and I would definitely suggest it to those who want to get exposure to Chinese dramas. If you know you like cheesy, school romance, international dramas, this show is for you!
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    This story is beautiful. The characters have a lot of development. I am not a teenager, nor do I typically like romantic comedy, but I love this one. I wouldn't put it down. I enjoyed the music as well.
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    I don't have a lot of experience with romantic shows from China, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I hope there is a season 2! Many parts of the show seem predictable, but it takes many surprising turns. The main characters make you root for them, and the villains have a depth you don't expect. All-around entertaining and sweet.
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    Loved the story line of this show. Not your average cheesy romantic movie about college students falling in love. Hope there is another season I want to know what happens next.
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    This was a cute series that kept my interest. There were a few things that were predictable and somethings that we over the top. However I guess some people actually experience those things. One spoiler though, the kitten did not grow at all, which is unrealistic.
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    Solidly a series made for the teenage audience. Lots and lots of fluff without much depth or emotion.
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    Qingquing is too unlikable. The premise was okay and I could watch through the first couple of episodes, as the premise was a cute one, but then Qingqing starts doing some pretty terrible things that just made me dislike her so much. I stopped watching. If I can't root for the character, or understand their motives enough, then it's feasible. But if you give me a character who makes a ton of rash, irresponsible decisions, top that off with a bad attitude, and lack of good character, what do you have? Qingqing.

    I don't even want to watch on to see if she redeems herself. I get making an MC naive and rash, but this is too much, and just didn't work.