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Kado hari jadi (2008) HD online

Kado hari jadi (2008) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Thriller
Original Title: Kado hari jadi
Director: Paul Agusta
Writers: Paul Agusta,Dalih Sembiring
Released: 2008
Budget: IDR 56,000,000
Duration: 1h 12min
Video type: Movie
A young man wakes up chained to metal chair in a room painted a sickening shade of pink and illuminated by a single blinding block of neon lights placed at his right. A razor blade hangs on a string before him, and sharp pink pencils are aimed at his left eye and stomach. He does not know where he is or why he is there. Periodically, a beautiful young woman dressed in floral summer dress enters the room and performs cruel and calculated acts of seemingly senseless torture. Who is she? Why is she doing this? What has he done to deserve this? And most importantly, will he survive?
Credited cast:
Paul Agusta Paul Agusta - Scrabble Player
Kartika Jahja Kartika Jahja - Tika
Yoggie Richard Yoggie Richard - Luki
Jeffrey Sirie Jeffrey Sirie - Adam
Hukla Turangan Hukla Turangan - Irma
T. Rifnu Wikana T. Rifnu Wikana - Yoga