» » Neighbours Episode #1.5804 (1985– )

Neighbours Episode #1.5804 (1985– ) HD online

Neighbours Episode #1.5804 (1985– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.5804
Director: Chris Adshead
Writers: Sam Meikle,Reg Watson
Released: 1985–
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
Lucas is even more startled then Elle when his surprise proposal at the ball gets no reasons. She soon explains she felt guilty having hidden she sold the house back to Paul to regain solvency. They kiss up and plan engagement celebrations. Paul nor Dan, who fears a stress-stirred gambling relapse, is keen on the marriage prospect. The lack of confidence makes Lucas bitter.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Stefan Dennis Stefan Dennis - Paul Robinson
Pippa Black Pippa Black - Elle Robinson
Tom Oliver Tom Oliver - Lou Carpenter (credit only)
Will Moore Will Moore - Harry Ramsay (credit only)
Jackie Woodburne Jackie Woodburne - Susan Kennedy
Alan Fletcher Alan Fletcher - Karl Kennedy
Matthew Werkmeister Matthew Werkmeister - Zeke Kinski (credit only)
Sam Clark Sam Clark - Ringo Brown (credit only)
Blake O'Leary Blake O'Leary - Ben Fitzgerald
Jacob Brito Jacob Brito - Charlie Hoyland (credit only)
Brett Tucker Brett Tucker - Daniel Fitzgerald
Scott Major Scott Major - Lucas Fitzgerald
Ryan Moloney Ryan Moloney - Toadfish Rebecchi
Morgan Baker Morgan Baker - Callum Jones
Jane Hall Jane Hall - Rebecca Napier

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    Well, the budget cutbacks that they needed after the last episode are very obvious here as the entire cast go down with a tummy bug and only five people turn up to Lucas and Elle's engagement party.It does feel like there's a lot of poor characterisation going on here, most notably with Dan.He tries to end Lucas and Elle's engagement for his brother's sake but doesn't even seem to consider the effect this will have on him.Paul's reaction is as to be expected and it's nice that his attempt to talk to Elle about things is what convinces her that she and Lucas should be together.

    Karl and Susan put in a pretty poor showing as parents here, telling Ben and Callum that they don't need to do their homework and, as Callum says, giving them an activity suited for four-year-olds.But there is at least the first hint of a storyline for Callum. Unfortunately it looks like it's going to involve Susan.