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Fausses innocences (2009) HD online

Fausses innocences (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Fausses innocences
Director: André Chandelle
Writers: Daniel Tonachella,André Chandelle
Released: 2009
Video type: Movie
Cast overview, first billed only:
Thierry Godard Thierry Godard - Roger Muller
Hélène de Fougerolles Hélène de Fougerolles - Mathilda Stembert
Jean-Paul Comart Jean-Paul Comart - Dr. André Stembert
Geneviève Mnich Geneviève Mnich - Madeleine Muller
Etienne Lejeune Etienne Lejeune - Joseph
Jean Lescot Jean Lescot - Oscar
Serge Larivière Serge Larivière - Lacasse
Nicole Shirer Nicole Shirer - Hélène - secrétaire communale
Renaud Rutten Renaud Rutten - L'officier de police
Anca Radici Anca Radici - Wanda
Nicolas Vo Nicolas Vo - Le chasseur
Erico Salamone Erico Salamone - L'homme du bar
Vincent Dragon Vincent Dragon - Le chauffeur de taxi
Benoît Van Dorslaer Benoît Van Dorslaer - Le voisin
Jean-Pierre Denuit Jean-Pierre Denuit - Le chef de gare

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    An interesting drama with noir overtones set in Belgium, this made for television film, pays off in surprising ways. Set in a small provincial town, it tells a story of deceit, lust and murder. Roger Muller, the mayor of the town is a man that enjoys going to the local roadside brothel. He has a regular woman there who caters to him.

    One night Roger, as he leaves the house of ill repute, he finds Andre Stembert, a doctor, who claims to have been involved in an auto accident. He helps Stembert with the car and takes him home. The man is married to Mathilda, a woman that was adopted by his parents; she was an orphan from Bulgaria. What Roger does not realize is that Stembert has all the intentions of leaving Mathilda, who is not happy the doctor has resolved abandoning her. Mathilda, in a rage, takes a pistol and fires.

    Mathilda declares the doctor has died in Sofia. She must to claim his body and go through the formalities. What no one knows is that Mathilda plans to go to Brussels and have a good time. Her adopted mother has come to help, but Mathilda does not want her around. Instead, she goes on to confess the abuse she received at the hand of her adopted father who was a pedophile.

    As Mathilda comes back with a small box, which she claims contains the ashes of Andre, something triggers in Roger to get to the bottom of her story. There are poachers in the area hunting wild game. The police are after them. By this time, it becomes clear Roger has always desired his adopted sister. In a surprise development, Andre returns, something that throw things in the air. Roger, having become Mathilda's lover has something in mind to get rid of the doctor forever. In a non related involvement the police are given information that will lead them back to the lovers.

    Directed by Andre Chandelle, and based on Armel Job's novel, with an adaptation by Mr. Chandelle and Daniel Tonachella, the drama has all the elements of the genre. Mathilda is a woman who resented what was done to her and the time she spent in a loveless marriage. Roger had always loved his adopted sister, not realizing what went on in his own home. The film is easy to enjoy with an interesting, and ironic twist at the end.

    Thierry Godard appears as Roger and Helen De Fougerolles if perfect as Mathilda. Jean-Paul Comart, Genevieve Mnich, and Nicole Shirer are seen in supporting roles.
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    Set in provincial sleepy town, as major Roger Muller leaves his habitual brothel, hateable Dr. André Stembert is leaving her troubled wife Mathilda for good. Their path cross. Roger, who loved Mathilda in the past, urges André to return to her, in fact menacing him: if you split, I'll kill you. Mathilda's been drinking heavily, mourning their dead daughter, and has a loaded gun. Which, in the classic tradition of the dark "femme fatale", can only mean trouble to them all, in varied degrees. Roger has most to loose, Mathilda has some sore wounds from the Muller family, André's death will still bother the couple of lovers even after his grave.

    Manipulation, chance and deceit ensue. In that, it's a cautionary tale.

    Not in the logical tradition, but in the messy, confused, "it could happen to you" vein, this is an entertaining film. Bulgarian Hélène has a lot of screen time, mostly her face, the male audience will be pleased, as she's got something most actress don't: uniqueness.

    Madeleine M. also has her share of denial and violence, below the surface of a bourgeoise provincial nice attitude. My favourite character is Hélène, Roger's devoted old secretary, nosy spinster who means well but is scathed by Roger. As with the cop's chief, from the moment Roger gets emotional he looses his touch with firm ground, as we all do I suppose :).

    Skinny Eastern beauty Anca Radici is Roger's hooker-psychologist-companion-sad & dejected lover, but she's mostly an enslaved woman, which shows when her pimp and another shady character pop up from a door when Roger wanted a fake medical death certificate, late in the movie.

    My favourite phrase is from the car mechanic, about Eastern Europe: (bothered) "Roumania, Bulgaria, all this countries that end in "ia", they all stay in the same place!".