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Poets of Mongolia (1999) HD online

Poets of Mongolia (1999) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Poets of Mongolia
Director: Peter Brosens,Peter Krüger
Released: 1999
Duration: 50min
Video type: Movie
The film starts in Nalaikh where old Mongolchaan is one of the many former miners who - after the closure of the mine - continues digging for coal in order to survive. Despite the extremely severe working conditions, he perseveres to support his children. Mongolchaan sells his coal to Basandorj, a middleman between the coal pits and the power stations in the city. Basandorj delivers the coal to a power station where young Erdenetsetseg is in charge. Despite the harsh environment, she enjoys her life and work. The electricity produced by the power plant enlightens blind Amarjarkhal's apartment. Ever since she moved from Nalaikh to the capital she makes a living as a writer and performer of popular songs. On a trip back to her native town, Amarjarkhal expresses her desire to be able to see. Meanwhile, Oyuna, who lives in Belgium ever since she married a Belgian man, is preparing to return to her home country which she left eight years ago. She's eager to show her native land to her 3-...
Credited cast:
S. Amarjargal S. Amarjargal
S. Basandorj S. Basandorj
D. Erdenetsetseg D. Erdenetsetseg
T. Mongolchaan T. Mongolchaan
B. Oyuntulkhuur B. Oyuntulkhuur

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    The final installment goes back to what we can call closer to a documentary and it is yet another picture of Mongolia and its people delivered with great style of narrative. It introduces a string of characters, each connected by a small happenstance, and each having their own desires and own stories to share with the audience. Through this process, the makers manage to engrave a beautiful ode to the Mongols' love for their fatherland and their will to persevere and fight it out, their tenacity to accept the harsh as destiny and not lose the fire to live with pride and esteem. A phase where people lost jobs and families starved, the will of the Mongols and their incessant commitment to art and music and nature really stands out. Poetry and music are both beautifully used to bring out the Mongolian culture, the Mongolian aspirations and the Mongolian connection. It also contains one of the best lines I have heard recently: "You go to your homeland not for for family or friends, but to replenish yourself. To find strength again for the future." Great trilogy, paints a comprehensive and blazing picture of Mongolia.