» » All For Nothing? Upsizers vs. Downsizers (2010– )

All For Nothing? Upsizers vs. Downsizers (2010– ) HD online

All For Nothing? Upsizers vs. Downsizers (2010– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Reality TV
Original Title: Upsizers vs. Downsizers
Director: Tim Alp,John Driftmier
Released: 2010–
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Episode
Our competitors are at opposite ends of the real estate spectrum: Chris and Henry are preparing to downsize as their only son has moved out on his own while Brianne and Aaren need to upsize their living space to accommodate their growing boys. Brianne and Aaren start with de-cluttering, and it turns ugly as they can't agree on what to keep and what to sell! They join forces ripping out the old carpeting, a job that will save them hundreds of dollars on the installation of new carpet. Sparks fly during Paul and Penny's check in with Brianne and Aaren, as they disagree on the fire place project. Chris and Henry strike gold when they lift their wall to wall carpeting to find hardwood floors. Turing their attention to curb appeal, they hire "experts" to trim trees and put in a garden. With the cost of their renovations mounting, Chris decides to try and sell one of her horses to foot the bills. Paul and Penny arrive for a check-in to find Chris working with a professional stager on ...