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Доктор Кто Destiny of the Daleks: Episode Three (1963–1989) HD online

Доктор Кто Destiny of the Daleks: Episode Three (1963–1989) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Adventure / Drama / Family / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Destiny of the Daleks: Episode Three
Director: Ken Grieve
Writers: Terry Nation
Released: 1963–1989
Duration: 25min
Video type: TV Episode
The Doctor reaches Davros first, but can he hang on to him? Meanwhile, the Movellans test a bomb to incinerate the planet.
Episode complete credited cast:
Tom Baker Tom Baker - Doctor Who
Lalla Ward Lalla Ward - Romana
Tim Barlow Tim Barlow - Tyssan
Peter Straker Peter Straker - Commander Sharrel
David Gooderson David Gooderson - Davros
Suzanne Danielle Suzanne Danielle - Agella
Tony Osoba Tony Osoba - Lan
Cy Town Cy Town - Dalek Operator
Mike Mungarvan Mike Mungarvan - Dalek Operator
Roy Skelton Roy Skelton - Daleks (voice)

Michael Wisher was unavailable to reprise the role of Davros from Genesis of the Daleks, as he was on tour in Australia. David Gooderson had to wear the same mask for that story, which didn't fit his face properly.

This episode was watched by 13.8 million viewers on its original transmission.

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    Davros springs to life, and demands to be taken to his Daleks, instead the Doctor wheels him off, and the Daleks pursue. Davros threatens to make the Daleks even more invincible, The Doctor loses his advantage and Davros is once again reunited with his Daleks. Romana starts discovering more about the Movellans, maybe they're not the good guys. They prepare to destroy Skaro, and realising the Doctor could be useful they place Romana inside a tube with a bomb (Nova device) in order to draw him out.

    Now a few cracks start appearing, I understand Michael Wisher was unavailable, so David Gooderson stepped in. Nothing wrong with him as an actor, but it just doesn't work. For starters there is no work on his voice, so he sounds wrong, he doesn't look right either somehow, now he just looks like a man in an ill fitting rubber mask. The command that Wisher had has gone. Don't even get me started on Davros being propelled like The Flinstones Mobile! He runs into the wall and they didn't re-shoot it!!

    More awful dialogue from some of the Daleks, and some really rather bizarre music, it feels so wrong. Not sure I approve of the Doctor wheeling Davros around. Davros seems so inept, The Daleks once again seem a little dull, they needed to be more impulsive, more aggressive, why didn't the Dalek exterminate Tyssan? It just kept bobbing side to side. The Dalek says 'self sacrifice illogical, therefore impossible, I'll remember that in Part 4.

    The best part of the episode has to be The Doctor's dialogue with Davros, Tom is massively charismatic, Gooderson does his best, but he's up against it. I like his explanation of what happened to him at the end of Genesis.

    Parts 1 and 2 were not what I'd call compelling, but they were by no means bad episodes, I'm afraid to say it but Part 3 is not good. There are too many flaws, it's a bit of a mess really, 4/10
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    Genesis of the Daleks was an absolute classic, one of the best Dr. Who serials across its entire run, including the reboot. It's long awaited follow up is incredibly disappointing. Perhaps Terry Nation was too preoccupied by the brilliant Blake's 7 but the return of Davros is a joke.

    For a start, the new actor is no match for the fantastic Michael Wisher. No offense but he just doesn't come close. He also has less to work with. Davros is left on the sidelines in silence in his opening minutes. Inexcusable. Then he is subjected to being pushed around like a nursing home resident by the Doctor. There's no threat in that. He's lost his power and therefore his presence. His character had been stripped back to a single dimension. Also his chair does not operate as smoothly as in Genesis. You can see the actor furiously peddling. It's actually funny.

    Lalla Ward does a good job of Romana. In the previous episode she actually cries while being interrogated. That's some quality acting.

    The direction is sloppy at times though the location film work fares better. Some of the production design is quite good but a lot of mistakes were made here. Some people will disagree with me, but if we're honest, the overall quality of the show had already dropped off by the final Baker years, long before John Nathan Turner and Peter Davison unfairly copped the flak.