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Civil War Minutes: Confederate (2007) HD online

Civil War Minutes: Confederate (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Documentary / History / War
Original Title: Civil War Minutes: Confederate
Director: Mark Bussler
Writers: Michael Kraus,David M. Neville
Released: 2007
Duration: 1h 15min
Video type: Creative Work
"The Best of Civil War Minutes® - Confederate" features the rarely told stories and artifacts of both the famous and average Confederate soldiers in the Civil War. Items like a Confederate frock coat, canteen and rifle provide the intricate details of the soldiers' lives and how the war was fought. Features popular episodes such as Sunken Blockade Runner Cargo, Confederate Battle Flags and Faces of Lee.
Credited cast:
Charles King Charles King - Narrator (voice)
Michael Kraus Michael Kraus

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    Wild Python

    This video series, which is quite good states in Part One that the "Confederate Veteran" magazine stopped publication in 1932. It also mentions the "Sons of Confederate Veterans." I have the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of the Confederate Veteran before me. This publication is still going. However the film does point out some interesting things, such as a term "housewives" for a sewing kit that is probably better than anything available in modern times. Also, the details of the Bowie knife, various belt buckles and their parts, such as a 'spoon' and 'wreath' for an officer's buckle is quite good. I don't understand why the narrator is wearing a Federal uniform when talking about Confederates. That part should be saved for "Civil War Minutes" Union. Gary Capt John Low Camp 2161 SCV Scarborough England